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I’m sorry, sir, but you cannot leave the country.

On December 7, 1976 the Seattle Mariners traded Grant Jackson to the Pirates for Craig Reynolds and Jimmy Sexton. The trade is notable, but not for the players involved.

On June 10, 1947, Ken Singleton was born. Richard looks back on his life and career.

The 1969 Montreal Expos played 12 extra-inning games and lost them all.

Of all of the ways baseball in Washington has gone off the rails since its return, perhaps none sadder has been the manner in which Nationals’ management has failed to embrace the history of both their franchise, and that of baseball in the city at large. That there is scant if any evidence that this […]

My mom is great. If she’s ever out shopping and sees a random baseball book of any kind, she buys it for me. Not so much books of prose — she knows I’m critical of a lot of authors and worries that she might get me something I wouldn’t like — but if there’s a […]

On Feb. 23, 1960, demolition began on Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Nearly 50 years later, demolition is nearly finished on Shea Stadium, the home of New York’s most recent National League franchise. Richard looks back at other past stadium sites.

How the Cubs title drought since 1908 was more likely than the Expos/Nationals missing the playoffs for 27 years, and a bunch of math in between.

Lost in Transactions covers a very busy week in Las Vegas.

Rice may be a good side dish but Rock candy is a sweeter choice for Cooperstown.

Aww … weren’t they cute?

The Marte/Renteria deal was slammed by Braves fans. However, it looks as though John Schuerholz once more came out on top.

Jim Rice and … (Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!)

The Hall of Fame should let a former king of the Expos start his Raine(s)

A nostalgic look back at the 1994 Expos (the starters and relievers)

Maury finds that the Major League Baseball in Montreal almost collapsed less than 3 months after the NL awarded the club

Attendance, attendance and more attendance

Today marks the anniversary of 1994 players’ strike. We take a look at what might have been …

Cardinals switch radio stations and Major League Baseball’s impending sale of the Nationals

Aaron gets lost in THT’s stats section.