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New Toon Monday offers an oasis from the rest of the internet Super Bowl hype.

When a good portion of Tampa Bay’s bullpen qualified for free agency this offseason what’s a small yet competitive club to do? Luckily, Friedman and co. have been down this road before…

New toon Monday (with apologies to Jim Borgman)

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TUCK! toons rings in 2011. Happy New Year everyone!

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This week Richard moves into his new apartment. In honor of the move, he looks back at the first season by players who moved to a new home and did so for many millions of dollars.

Cliff Lee made big news this week by spurning the Yankees for the Phillies. It wasn’t the first time the hottest pitcher on the market turned the Yankees down to join a better rotation.

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Will these Winter Meetings produce blockbuster deals?

On November 30, 1998 Randy Johnson signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks. This would prove to be one of the great contracts of all-time for a pitcher. Richard looks at this and other deals.

The Yankees will make an offer to Derek Jeter sometime this week. Does he take it?

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Nine possibilities, not for the faint of heart or thin of wallet.

By churning pitchers the final week you can squeeze an extra 30 innings above your league’s innings cap, enough to pick up a few extra wins a couple dozen strikeouts.

You can mount a campaign with an empty war chest.