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Let’s examine Brown’s legacy a little more closely.

Baseball. It’s just so basic. Can we make it on fleek? Yaaaas.

Baseball doesn’t need any more poorly produced MTV2 shows, it just needs to pay attention to what its fans really want.

What if someone as bonkers as Mike Veeck created bobbleheads for MLB teams?

As fans, we reveal a lot about humanity in the way we root, root, root.

A spinning baseball does amazing things, as every good pitcher and frustrated hitter knows.

An alternate perspective placing various events in a new relation to others.

Exclusive! Only on The Hardball Times! The secret lives of baseball’s mute community!

How does it feel to be all on your own for the first time on a major league mound?

Frank Costanza wanted to know how you could trade Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps. Here within lies the answer.

A few minutes with Goofy and you will be ready to take the field.

Tales from the site that went from being on top of the fantasy sports world to bankruptcy in almost no time.

Why the third decade of existence for the Baseball Reliquary matters.

Not everybody needs to watch the game the same way.

It’s a long, strange, destination-less trip that nonetheless rewards you for your participation.

It’s not the destination that matters, the author finds. It’s the journey.

In the first of two parts, the author finds more that matters than list prices.

It’s a grasshopper with a bad back trying to jump out of a paper bag. It’s … unsettling.

You have to wonder how a guy can stand upright in a batter’s box while another guy standing just 60 feet and six inches away fires a series of missiles so close to him.

Looking for something to read? Then consider these works, each a product of an author’s imagination.