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Minor league news and BALCO leaks

So just how extraordinary could the Giants’ lineup have been in The Little Napoleon’s final years as manager?

Steve considers how the team that hit for the highest average of the 20th century might plausibly have hit vastly better than that.

Let’s see if Nostradumbass can predict his way out of a wet paper bag … or the National League

Aaron continues his fourth annual top-50 rankings with prospects 16-20

D.C. council votes down lease agreement and more….

Aaron reviews this offseason’s trades.

Steve explores one of the most unusual and unpredictable team performances in major league history. Board up those windows!

Attendance, attendance and more attendance

Craig looks at Brian Sabean’s strategy for making his first-round picks. There’s trouble afoot for the Giants’ GM.

Bud Selig talks and the Seattle attendance conundrum.

Aaron breaks down all the weekend’s action.

Aaron gets lost in THT’s stats section.

An in-depth look at Win Share totals as of the All-Star break.

Aaron opens up the old mailbag to defend his All-Star picks.

Aaron picks his National League All-Stars.

Aaron looks at the playing careers of today’s managers.

Craig surveys the best minor league pitchers you’ve never heard of.

Twins stadium deal lives on, and Bud Selig says viva Las Vegas.

Roger Clemens ties the modern day career RSAA record, Sammy Sosa comes off the DL, Alex Rodriguez hits 2 HR and the rest of the news around the majors.