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No fury like a fanbase scorned.

Fernando Valenzuela at first base. Seriously?

John investigates the merits of less competitive balance

Not all Fall Classics get this far, but the pressure really starts building at this point.

In this hefty batch of deals from holiday seasons past, big names abound, from Wagner to Maris, with appearances along the way by Big Six, Ol’ Pete, The Rajah, The Beast, and The Big Cat.

Another top 10 list containing 14 items. This is when World Series games start getting famous.

Did the veterans committee have too much Miller before they voted?

Are long-term contracts good for a team? And what about long-term contracts for relievers? Dave looks at the data.

THT’s chance to pick the brain of one of the most respected baseball writers out there, John Thorn.

A precis of the strange goings on at Yankee Stadium this offseason.

The Hall of Fame should let a former king of the Expos start his Raine(s)

Turns out this is historically the most poorly played game in the Fall Classic. However, there’s still plenty of excitement in these games with all their sloppy glory.

The latest version of our flagship book is just about ready to ship.

… and he did it after the World Series ended.

Legal expert Keith Scherer breaks down the facts of the Bonds indictment.

Having looked at the best Series openers, an overview of the best Second Acts.

And we’re not talking pitchers!

On Nov. 17, 1867, George Stallings was born. Later known as both “Gentleman George” and “The Miracle Man,” he had a baseball career that spanned 40 years and launched at least that many stories.

The opening chapter of notable November swaps takes us from Sliding Billy to Dr. Strangeglove.