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That’s what ESPN is reporting anyway: Pitcher Mike Hampton has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Houston Astros pending a physical exam, two baseball sources told The contract will pay Hampton a base salary of about $2 million plus incentives, the source said . . . . . . Hampton spent […]

Red Sox injuries and what they means for fantasy baseball owners in 2009.

Putting the Toon back in Saturday mornings (and, you know, Wednesdays too)!

TUCK! toons every Wednesday and Saturday!

Don’t touch that dial! Stay tuned for Treder’s take on a tome about teams on the tube.

Homeward bound?

David looks at Ben Sheets from a statistical, mechanical and injury perspective with help from Dan Loeterman and Chris Neault.

Guess who twinkled and lit up the streets and who just tinkled and wet their sheets?

On April 30, 1961 Willie Mays became just the ninth player to hit four home runs in a game. Richard looks back on Mays’ feat, and the other men who have clubbed four round-trippers in a single day.

With the postseason in full swing, the Hot Stove League hasn’t yet begun. But that stove is warming up. It’s not too early to start talking about trades.

Pennant race edition

Should hitters who are succeeding in their second or third time in Triple-A be treated differently than less experienced Triple-A hitters?

Rick looks at Vladimir Guerrero, Mariano Rivera, and others.

A look around the majors at Scott Rolen and other players whose seasons might be over.

Rick Ankiel gives Cardinals fans something positive to think about.

Video analysis of Peavy’s mechanics with a special look at how he attacks hitters.

Chad Tracy and Curt Schilling are just two players dealing with injuries who could impact the playoffs down the stretch.

Vince offers ways in which teams can tap into the secondary ticket market.

Who won? Who lost? Who has the “best mechanics”? What about the worst picks?

You might already know about Jay Bruce, but other guys are hot, too