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So there’s this part in “LOTR: Return of the King” where Denethor, who has descended into madness over the death of his eldest son Boromir , demands that his younger son, Farimir ride off in a suicide mission to retake Osgiliath, which has been overrun by the orc army. Or, um, that’s what some geek […]

This is an odd story. A bad English-Spanish translation cost the Cuban team the use of two of its relievers for its elimination game with Mexico on Sunday. They won though, so no harm no foul. And, as the article notes, it may even work to their advantage tonight as the two pitchers are once […]

Davy Johnson said that he’d rather forfeit the WBC than play someone out of position at catcher, fearing that such a thing risks injury. Why then did he have no problem playing my team’s catcher out of position in left field? Yes, I will grant that it’s easier to get hurt catching than it is […]

I continue to not get excited about the WBC, but that doesn’t mean that the off-the-field stuff isn’t interesting. For example, there’s all kinds of fun stuff in Jack Curry’s WBC notes piece. Like the fact that Bernie Williams was either (a) wrongfully accused of striking that woman or (b) is really getting the wagons […]

The Giants are looking to do more in Japan: If you can’t beat ’em, recruit ’em. On a day the Giants lost to Japan 6-4, they announced a hiring that they think will help make them competitors for top Japanese talent. Shun Kakazu, a Japanese native and Harvard grad who worked the past three years […]

It isn’t the regular season, but it might just be better.

If everyone saying that the Yankees will be better off without Alex Rodriguez is right, why didn’t the absence of Albatross-Rod cause Team Dominican Republic to breeze past the Dutch? Edit: Beat to the albatross reference by nearly a week.

Here’s the kicker of that Dominican Republic-Netherlands elimination game I linked this morning. Manager Felipe Alou started David Ortiz at first base — a position he hasn’t played in the Majors since 2007, and hasn’t played well since God knows when — because he wanted extra offense. The result: Ortiz goes 1-4 and the D.R. […]

I missed this the other day, but in light of the problems in the Dominican, the chatter about a potential worldwide draft is increasing: Recent cases of fraud and potential corruption involving the signing of baseball players in Latin America have cast new attention to the possibility of a worldwide draft in major league baseball. […]

USA Today looks at why, apart from simply being a baseball-mad country, Cuba is able to produce so much talent: “Everyone plays all positions until about age 15,” says Adelio Garcia, manager for this team of top 13- and 14-year-olds from the western Havana district of Playa. “They like kids with many skills.” “They” are […]

On March 5, 2009 the second World Baseball Classic kicked off as Japan shut out China. The clear favorites in this year’s pool are Japan and Korea, two countries with well-known baseball histories, but today Richard looks at less baseball-oriented Asian countries.

The WBC has begun, with Japan beating China 4-0 in the opener. For those of you who shut down the computer at 5 yesterday and didn’t see my last post of the day, here are the reasons why this is about as expansive as I’m likely to get with respect to the World Baseball Classic […]

I’ve taken many jabs at the WBC lately. Well, maybe not jabs, because I don’t actually hate it or anything. But I certainly have made a point of saying how little I care about it. A reader asked me what gives in the comments to the People in My Neighborhood post this afternoon: Craig, I […]

The Nats’ owners could, you know, fire Jim Bowden, but instead they are standing pat and waiting for him to get arrested or something: Washington Nationals General Manager Jim Bowden said on Monday that he has done nothing wrong. The federal investigators looking into Bowden still aren’t so sure, a source familiar with the investigation […]

Seems like everyone is speculating that Jim Bowden is about to be fired, but maybe they’re just not aiming high enough. How does prison suit you? A federal investigation into the skimming of signing bonuses given to baseball prospects from Latin America is looking at Washington Nationals general manager Jim Bowden as far back as […]

Yesterday Neyer noted that big heads should roll in Washington as a result of the Esmailyn González fiasco. Today Tom Boswell amps up the pressure on the biggest of the heads: Bleak humor about the Nats now bounces all around baseball. But this case, as Kasten says ominously, “will have big repercussions.” At one level, […]

Joel Pinero is not happy: Starting pitcher Joel Piñeiro convened a news conference Wednesday morning to announce he was “heartbroken” and would not play for Team Puerto Rico in the upcoming World Baseball Classic after Puerto Rico’s manager, Cardinals third-base coach Jose Oquendo, informed him he was not in the projected three-man rotation. “I was […]

Spanning a vast Southwest landscape, it was vibrantly colorful, fleeting but amazing.

I’m no fan of the WBC, but I could become one if this sort of thing happens more often: Kim Byung-hyun’s nine-year career in Major League Baseball (MLB) is full of dumbfounding affairs ― allowing a game-tying homer in the ninth inning for the second-straight game of the World Series, a middle-finger gesture to home […]

Baseball has its share of reactionary anti-stathead writers, but we certainly don’t have the market cornered. This from an article in The Times entitled “The 50 worst things about modern football”: 43. Statistics American obsession that is gradually weaving itself into the fabric of our national game. Do you care how many assists Wayne Rooney […]