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Who’s there, who to watch, and who’s going to win.

Jeff sifts through the first 10 rounds of the amateur draft looking for names you should know.

The road to Omaha runs through Monte Carlo.

Jeff cracks open the spreadsheets and ranks the top college draft prospects.

The NL Central is up for grabs. Will the Crew be good enough to take it?

On the use and misuse of batted ball stats.

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Bonus TUCK! toons in January!

With all the focus on the big free agents and trades this offseason, here’s a look at what teams in the bottom half of baseball’s payroll structure are up to.

The Pirates are bringing new meaning to the word “rebuilding.”

When second best is more than good enough.

Seattle needed Chone in a bad, bad way.

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The only thing left to play for in the postseason are the seedings

Zack Greinke deserves it in the AL, but who’s more deserving between Carpenter and Lincecum?

Tim Lincecum, previously believed to be content going year to year, says he’s open to a long term deal with the Giants.