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Which colleges produce the most major leaguers? And the role of analysis.

With the Winter Meetings set to begin today, we offer a quick look at what can be expected.

A look at some new and familiar names recently hired as baseball’s top executives.

GM Frank Wren has shown he’s no stranger to making big splashy trades, but will he be able to pull off a minor heist this offseason?

After their recent climb back to a .500 winning percentage, many fans of the South Side franchise are believing again.

As a preview to Monday’s first-year player draft, we take a stab at how things could shape up in the first round.

A lot of eyes are on the Dodgers as they move forward, but how different will they look after the 2011 season?

When a good portion of Tampa Bay’s bullpen qualified for free agency this offseason what’s a small yet competitive club to do? Luckily, Friedman and co. have been down this road before…

TUCK! has it on good authority that one of the interview questions has something to do with spelling “Primanti Brothers” correctly.

Can one baseball player sue another for injuries sustained on the field?

TUCK! brand toons every Monday and Thursday

TUCK! toons every Thursday and Monday, right here on THT

. . . hello Zone Evaluation: Major League Baseball had been using QuesTec since 2001 to try to standardize the functional size of the strike zone, which often varies from umpire to umpire, despite the rulebook definition. But QuesTec cameras were installed in only about a third of major league stadiums, raising the suspicion among […]

That just sounds wrong…

Shining a light into the lone dark alley of The Mahatma’s long and brilliant career.

A-Rod-free for three Thursdays in a row!

A-Rod free for two Thursdays!

Sometimes it’s healthy to turn your backs on certain things