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The Red Sox have already completed the greatest comeback in baseball postseason history. Whether they finish the series off is yet to be determined, but even if they don’t come through, they may have finished off the myth of their permanent futility, the Yankees’ invulnerability, and Dan Shaughnessy’s career.

With over $300 million in combined payrolls and the two best records in the league, the American League Championship Series may come down to a war of attrition. Well, that and Curt Schilling’s ankle.

As both League Championship Series head toward classic status, it’s time to take a look at the players who have made these 10 games so amazing with their awe-inspiring performances.

There’s only one thing Larry and Ben could be talking about this week — the first four games of the American League Championship Series.

A line drive to center and a long drive to right extended the ALCS another day, and gave the dejected Boston faithful something to cheer about. Can they do it again? And again? And again?

Here’s one Yankees fan who’s tired of the C-word. Larry Mahnken tells us how the Red Sox went down 3-0, and dismisses the easy explanation.

Eventually, every son will rise up and best his father. For Pedro Martinez, last night was not his time, as Jon Lieber exceeded expectations and dominated the Red Sox. Now the question must be asked… is this series over?

New York Yankees (101-61, AL East champs) vs. Boston Red Sox (98-64, AL Wild Card)

That you know: now find out why — a wholly objective ALCS Preview.

Ben and Larry talk about their teams’ opening playoff series and the impending ALCS rematch.

The Angels didn’t look like a great team in Game 1, so why does most of the media seem to think they are?

Anaheim Angels (92-70, AL West champs) vs. Boston Red Sox (98-64, AL Wild Card)

The marathon’s officially over, and Ben and Larry are both more than ready to see how the Red Sox and the Yankees do in the sprint.

From the hitter’s haven in Colorado to a couple of pitcher’s paradises on the West Coast, Aaron takes a look at how the ballparks around baseball have played this year.

After five important series between the Red Sox and Yankees, No. 6 just wasn’t all that interesting or important to Larry or Ben. With Boston winning on Monday, both teams are officially in the playoffs, which means the real fun begins in a week.

What weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks? What’s better, a kick in the stomach or a punch in the face? Who would you rather face in the first round of the playoffs, New York or Boston?

Aaron has a pre-emptive strike against misguided Cy Young voters.

A great series opener between the rivals that had Ben ecstatic gave way to two weekend duds that left Larry full of confidence.

Ben and Larry talk about the strength of the Yankees and the importance of winning the AL East.

Aaron talks excitement in Boston, playoff positioning, the best non-rookie rookie in the AL, and baseball’s best pitcher.