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When a good portion of Tampa Bay’s bullpen qualified for free agency this offseason what’s a small yet competitive club to do? Luckily, Friedman and co. have been down this road before…

On January 7, 1982 Francisco Rodriguez—K-Rod to his fans—was born. This is just one of the historically important closer births this week.

TUCK! brand toons every Monday and Thursday throughout the offseason. Except this week.

By churning pitchers the final week you can squeeze an extra 30 innings above your league’s innings cap, enough to pick up a few extra wins a couple dozen strikeouts.

It’s time for a lunar landing on the 1980 Topps set.

Reliever rides the slider to success in the San Diego bullpen

There’s no free lunch with a side of Frasor.

On March 10, 2009, the Dominican Republic’s World Baseball Classic squad lost its second game to the unheralded Netherlands, knocking the Dominicans out of the tournament. But all is not lost for the DR, as this week Richard looks back at the best pitchers to come from the country.

Toronto is choosing among three relievers with ties to the North Siders

Hunting for bullpen help in minor league starting rotations

TUCK! toons goodness right here, every Thursday!

Reliever man meets Retrosheet meticulousness meets recent metric.

New toon Thursdays with TUCK! brand toons

New toon Thursdays with TUCK!

TUCK! toons right here every Thursday!

Let’s catch up with this most congenial big fellow as he continues to chuck heaters past hitters well into his 40s.

We’re ready for round two with this memorable heavyweight.

Early season update.

Searching for the Tony Cloninger of relievers.