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Will the 2012 Giants escape the lousy hitting that doomed them in 2011?

No Pujols, no La Russa, no problem.

Opinions and observations from a trip everyone should experience.

I thought it important to describe a new feature we’ve added to the PitchFX Player Cards over the last month or so. I’ve previously tweeted (@Brooksbaseball) about these features but haven’t described them in detail. When the cards first debuted, we were asked by a number of people to provide average data for comparison, especially […]

The radar gun in Peoria may be running a little warm, but Andrew Cashner was throwing gas. The ex-Cub came in for the Padres in the sixth inning. He threw nothing under 101 mph and broke 103 a few times. Even if you deduct a couple mph for what are probably calibration issues with the […]

How spring training traditions change.