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I was among the first to note that Jose Canseco, for all of his issues, has been right about most of what he has said about steroids, but this is a bridge too far: Jose Canseco believes he was the only player telling the whole truth about steroids. Who used and when. For how long. […]

The latest in the business of baseball.

Richard Sandomir notes that the YES Network is trying, at least temporarily, to airbrush A-Rod out of Yankee history: To an extent, Rodriguez is fighting for redemption at YES, which Scott Boras, his agent, said in 2007 would see its worth rise with long-term aid from his client’s so-called “iconic value.” But recent actions taken […]

Miguel Tejada should have gone to law school: A recently released report from DOJ’s Inspector General found that Acting Assistant Attorney General Bradley Schlozman gave false testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee (both in his oral testimony and in written supplemental testimony) regarding his partisan misuse of his office and his violations of the Civil […]

Let’s dispense with the death by a thousand sportswriter cuts business and get right down to indicting A-Rod’s butt: Would the Reprobate, Alex R., please rise? Alex R., The Pontificate accuses, convicts, and sentences you for the following High Crimes: High Crime Count 1: You, the Greatest Player in the Game, took illegal steroids six […]

I probably need to put an end to all steroid-related snark on this blog, because I’m never going to be able to do it better than this.

From an article with the headline

Lost in yesterday’s let’s-strike-Barry-from-the-record-book silliness is the fact that Bud Selig did make an official statement on Alex Rodriguez yesterday: On behalf of Major League Baseball, I am saddened by the revelations concerning Alex Rodriguez’s use of performance- enhancing substances,” Commissioner Selig said. “While Alex deserves credit for publicly confronting the issue, there is no […]

Last year, when Roger Clemens first filed suit, I noted that one of the reasons why defamation lawsuits are suckers’ games for the PR-conscious is that so often the outcome is determined by things other than whether the actual statements at issue are true or false. There are many exceptions and nuances to defamation law, […]

Bud Selig is a fine steward of the game when things go well, but he’s dangerous when he tries to, you know, do anything. Here’s a good example of that: Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig reportedly is considering restoring the crown to Aaron, who lost it in 2007 to Barry Bonds . . . […]

While the whole Orza/MLBA/sample destruction drama seems to have receded into the background since Monday, there is one big question about all of this that bothers me, and that’s why it was ever possible — destruction or not — for names to be linked up with the 2003 samples. I had only been thinking vaguely […]

In the American Spectator, Mark Corallo tries to get inside the mind of the steroid using ballplayer: Or imagine you’re a rookie. You just arrived with the big club. And looking around the locker room, you can’t help but notice that 80% of the veterans are looking like something out of a superhero comic book. […]

Newsday‘s John Jeansonne, via quotes from some other contributors, observes that, for all of the sturm und drang, nothing that has happened this week is going to turn people off of baseball: I have no doubt that if Alex has a good year, he will not be jogging around the bases, celebrating a game-winning home […]

Joe Maddon has proposed an amnesty program for PED users: Maddon suggested Wednesday that MLB implement an amnesty program for the reported 103 other players who tested positive then take strong measures to make sure there are no future violations. “I’m just looking forward to the day that we move beyond it,” Maddon said upon […]

Noted sabermetrician Mike Gimbel speaks up.

Look, I know I’ve been running about 95% A-Rod since Saturday, but it is a baseball story and this is a baseball blog, so at least I’m walking my beat here. For serious mission creep, check out Obama’s press conference on Monday. We’re in the midst of the greatest economic meltdown in living memory. Our […]

I know everyone wants to talk about real baseball right now, but this blog has always followed the news, and the news just seems to be going this way lately: Former Baltimore Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada was charged today with lying to congressional investigators about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball. Federal prosecutors accused […]

I’m bumping this back up to the top because I have an update in response to several good comments and I want to explain my thinking further. Scroll down to the update to see it. Via Maury, the MLBPA has issued a statement regarding the destruction, or lack thereof, of the 2003 tests: We are […]

Yesterday I dismissed the notion that the A-Rod stuff would have a negative impact on the Yankee brand, as it were. I still believe that, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some repercussions in fanland. I am far too old and lame to understand how social networks actually work, but THT’s own Bryan […]

I’m not sure what to make of Alex Rodriguez’s claim that Selena Roberts “stalked” him in the leadup to this weekend’s story, but it’s certainly the case that Rodriguez has been in Roberts’ sights for a long time. Let’s take the wayback machine to December 7, 2007, when Roberts ran a hatchet job on A-Rod […]