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In his new book, Big Data Baseball, Travis Sawchick not only recounts the events and people who shaped the 2013 Pirates, but also pens a love letter to sabermetrics.

It’s harder to pinch-hit than to hit in the lineup. But does practice make a hitter better at it?

This in-depth look at run values examines the value of each ball not put in play, and thus, the value of catchers who know how to frame.

Changing speeds and location? More questions lead to … more questions.

An examination of the potentials of batted-ball platooning.

The beginning of a step-by-step look at the questions we should be trying to answer when we explore pitch sequencing.

Let’s examine Brown’s legacy a little more closely.

Getting ground balls is definitely a good thing. But does that make a pitcher who gets tons of them a good pitcher?

To many, the rise of the strikeout has not been a good thing for the game of baseball.

In the first of a two-part series, examining the different facets of data and how they apply to a baseball front office.

Projectionists should embrace the mystical side of the craft to find something new in this beautifully massive set of data.

The Phillies would have been better had they adopted sabermetrics earlier on, but that’s not why they’re struggling now.

There’s reason to believe that so-so pitchers with good curves and sliders don’t use them enough.

Sometimes, unorthodox mechanics are a good thing.

We can’t get all the calls right, but there is a subset of calls where baseball can do better.

Do low-strikeout hitters receive special strike zone preference?

Could a team punt Game One against the other team’s ace to gain the upper hand for the rest of the series?

Let’s talk about quantifying the most efficient way to play a baseball game.

The long-time executive always keeps us on our toes.

Frank Costanza wanted to know how you could trade Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps. Here within lies the answer.