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Ben and Larry discuss Derek Jeter, Boston’s hurting stars, and exactly why the back-and-forth atop the division doesn’t mean much in May.

The Twins took on the Blue Jays yesterday afternoon and Aaron takes you through every pitch on the way to an exciting finish.

Barry Bonds has been intentionally walked more than any team in baseball this season. Should something be done to stop this incredibly boring (and self-destructive) strategy, and if so, what?

What happened to Montreal’s offense? Aaron takes a look at just how awful the Expos’ hitting has been and just where it puts them in history.

Larry responds to some of your comments about last week’s column. Sorry, nothing from Buster Olney here.

Vinay tackles the obvious follow-up question from Billy Beane’s infamous lament, and the results may surprise you.

A quick graphical look at this year’s version of the Anaheim Angels.

The Twins and A’s squared off in a three-game series in Oakland over the weekend, and for the first time all year, Aaron was able to watch.

With the Red Sox and Yankees occupying the top two spots in the American League East, like usual, Ben and Larry are both happy with where their teams are through about 20% of the season.

Aaron examines a player who he thinks is ready to vault into superstardom.

Strikeouts. Walks. Homers. You like those? Meet Adam Dunn.

Perplexed by the challenges inherent in comparing players across very distant eras? Step into Steve’s Baseball Time Machine, and take a ride along with a certain shortstop with a German accent. Who knows, we might learn something…

A week after “The Sweep”, Ben and Larry check in with the Red Sox and Yankees.

Aaron talks Thome, old guys and unwatchable TV.

Joe gives Dusty Baker and Bud Selig some advice.

Robert and friends visit Erie, Pennsylvania for some Double-A baseball.

Your first baseman is so old…
…when Moses split the Red Sea he was on the other side fishing.
…when he was in school there was no history class.
…when he was born the Dead Sea was just getting sick.

The Yankees are 9-11 after 20 games. How the hell did that happen?

Larry says Yankees fans should get angry, but shouldn’t panic, while Ben just revels in the glory of a Red Sox sweep in the Bronx.

Remember that K-Rod kid from Anaheim’s World Series run in 2002? Aaron checks back in on him to see how he’s done after all the hype went away.