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Make sure you don’t let all the steroid talk — justified or not — distract you from what Barry Bonds is doing on the field. It’s something you’ve got to see.

Studes’ brother has visited all major league ballparks, and we have his review of the two newest additions: PetCo Park in San Diego and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Aaron falls off of one wagon, but finds another one to jump on.

After tweaking an old Bill James study, Bryan unearths some interesting facts about the Opening Day rosters this season.

Hmmm… what ever could Ben and Larry have talked about this weekend?

Aaron talks great individual matchups, an unreal Triple-A performance, and a pitcher who seems destined for a trip to the doctor.

Combing through his hard drive, Dave came across the preseason preview that he wrote for the Florida Marlins, but forgot to submit. Wonder what Dave had to say about the fast-starting Fish?

Superman, an unhittable staff, the New Babe Ruth, and the guy who is going to make Twins fans forget all about that Mauer kid.

The Yankees’ Mike Mussina and Kevin Brown reached the 200-win plateau in back-to-back games. Matthew compares their very different careers, and takes a glimpse at their chances of reaching 300 wins.

A look at the greatest year-to-year improvements of the last half-century

Garret Anderson has a new contract, but he’s really overrated. Or is he?

Despite the fact that the Red Sox and Yankees are a combined 8-7, Ben Jacobs and Alex Belth (who fills in for Larry Mahnken one more time) are not really worried about their favorite clubs.

Aaron talks Pedro, Josh, Johan and Baseball Tonight.

The Mets could use some healthy young arms in their starting rotation. So what’s up with 27-year-old Jae Seo?

Does starting the season 2-0 against the Yankees mean Victor Zambrano is worthy of his own award? No, but winning a bizarre triple crown does.

Aaron talks with the man in charge of Victory Sports, the Twins’ new network that most fans aren’t able to watch.

George Steinbrenner and the Yankees are spending over $180 million this season in an attempt to win their first World Series of the 21st Century. Will they succeed, or will their fans have to suffer through yet another year of not being able to gloat that much? Larry takes a look.

The Red Sox were unable to complete their trade for Alex Rodriguez, but they did improve the starting rotation, sign a top-notch closer and keep a great offense largely intact. Will that be enough to break the six-year cycle of the AL East and finally get past the New York Yankees?

Houston might have a couple of problems, but Joe is enthusiastic about their chances in 2004.

After a five-year stretch that hasn’t seen them finish with a winning record, the Padres move into Petco Park with legitimate hopes of contending.