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Ben talks to Alex Beth, who is filling in for Larry, about whether or not there’s any reason to be concerned about either the Yankees or the Red Sox this early in the season.

A post-mortem of the decline from world champions to also-rans, and the poetntial impact of exciting newcomers on the Angels’ chances in 2004.

Will the “Curse of October First” continue to bedevil the Giants in 2004, or will the ballclub — clearly inferior to the 2003 version that won 100 games — be able to prevail in a decidedly unimpressive NL West?

After winning the AL East in 1997, the Orioles have finished fourth in each of the last six seasons. They’re in the wrong division to make a surprise run at the playoffs, but do they at least have a shot at escaping fourth place? Ben examines five key questions facing the team.

The Mariners are one of the oldest teams in baseball, but they’re trying to win in spite of their age. Matthew looks at some key questions facing the current team, as well as the Hall of Fame chances of three Seattle veterans.

Sunday night, TNT will show “The Winning Season,” a movie about the guy who is likely to remain the greatest shortstop of all time, if ARod continues to play out of position. A look back at the accomplishments of the man called “The Flying Dutchman.”

Can the A’s make the playoffs for a fifth straight season, or will this be the year the naysayers are right? John Gizzi takes a look.

Philadelphia finished a disappointing third in the NL East last season, but going into 2004, they are arguably the best team in the National League. Matthew has a look.

Will the two great names – Jeriome Robertson and Milton Bradley – ever get a chance to play together in Cleveland? Aaron examines what’s going on with the Indians this week.

There is a different feeling around the North Side this year, one of optimism. Following a trip to the NLCS, the Cubs are now the favorites to win the National League Central. Will they live up to expectations or revert to the Lovable Losers?

The Braves’ amazing streak of division titles has to end sometime, right? After an off-season of watching Sheffield, Lopez and Maddux bolt for greener pastures, Atlanta heads into 2004 with the look of an underdog. Matthew examines the key questions surrounding the Braves.

Joe doesn’t understand why everyone sees gloom and doom for the Expos…so he answers five questions about them.

A sleepy Aaron’s diary of the Yankees/Devil Rays opener in Japan.

Craig tackles five questions for the Blue Jays.

Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Minnesota. They’ve been together for 10 years now and Aaron looks at exactly what they’ve done.

The Marlins came out of nowhere to win the Wild Card and then the World Series last season. After the ’97 World Series they got rid of good players like they were going out of style, but this time around the team looks to put up a respectable defense of its title. Matthew looks at some of the key questions facing the Marlins in 2004 and beyond.

Craig has some notes as the season opens and hopes begin to be dashed.

They have a new 1-2 punch in the rotation, a slugging first baseman and an old second baseman who used to be great. Robert examines five key questions for the D-Backs heading into 2004.

Ben and Larry are ready for the season to start, even if it is starting unfathomably early in the morning.

Aaron takes a look at the back-to-back American League Central champs, who have quite a few new faces this year.