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We’ll be boarding by row number. Please completely remove your boarding pass from its envelope, and have it ready for the gate agent, along with your photo ID. In honor of Mr. Ruth, you are encouraged to smoke a cigar throughout today’s flight!

Ben discusses the Cardinals, Ichiro Suzuki, and the Yankees-Twins series.

After five important series between the Red Sox and Yankees, No. 6 just wasn’t all that interesting or important to Larry or Ben. With Boston winning on Monday, both teams are officially in the playoffs, which means the real fun begins in a week.

What weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks? What’s better, a kick in the stomach or a punch in the face? Who would you rather face in the first round of the playoffs, New York or Boston?

A great series opener between the rivals that had Ben ecstatic gave way to two weekend duds that left Larry full of confidence.

Ben and Larry talk about the strength of the Yankees and the importance of winning the AL East.

Aaron talks excitement in Boston, playoff positioning, the best non-rookie rookie in the AL, and baseball’s best pitcher.

Bryan sits in an armchair with his crystal ball, recapping the winter that was … 2004-2005.

Aaron takes a stab at handicapping the American League MVP race and finds it a lot harder than he thought it would be.

Will the Red Sox win the AL East and is it OK to think it’s funny that there’s so much concern in the Bronx? Ben and Larry discuss, but don’t find much common ground.

While pitching depth might carry a team in the regular season, front-line talent is crucial in the playoffs. Aaron examines each contender’s postseason pitching staff for clues about who might be best suited for success in October.

Aaron gets caught up on the news from the weekend.

September’s just a few days away, and the Yankees and Red Sox have won 11 of their last 14. The East is still tight, the Wild Card even tighter, and the schedule is getting shorter. While looking forward to the crucial games in September, Ben and Larry look back at the last full week of August.

The Red Sox had a spectacular week, the Yankees had an equally dreadful one. Boston’s made up five games in seven days — but they’re still 5½ back. Is this just the beginning of something historic? One thing’s for sure — the AL East just became interesting again.

The best pitcher in the American League took on the best team in the American League last night, and Aaron watched every moment.

Ben and Larry talk about whether or not it’s okay to root for the other team in the rivalry if it helps your team win in the end.

With the help of Win Shares, Aaron looks at how the group stars in St. Louis stacks up among the all-time great foursomes in all-around value.

Ben had such high hopes for the 2004 season, but things have simply not gone as planned for the Red Sox. Still, with two months left, they have a chance to get into the postseason, and both Ben and Larry agree that’s when they become dangerous.

Ben and Larry discuss the trade that ended Nomar Garciaparra’s career in Boston.

With the second-half underway, Aaron checks up on his top prospects to see how they’re faring this year.