Cito and Roger

Apparently Cito Gaston is livid to find out that, according to Jeff Pearlman’s new book, Roger Clemens had him fired. Jeff Pearlman himself, however, says there’s a slight problem with that:

There’s just one problem: I never wrote that.

What my book says is that Clemens had a heavy hand in the hiring of Tim Johnson, Gaston’s eventual replacement. But that didn’t take place until well after Gaston was gone.

Gord Ash, Toronto’s former GM, reacted strongly to the report in today’s papers, saying, “There’s no truth to that. [Clemens] never talked to me about it, that’s all I can say. You know that stuff is about 10 years ago, or more. I can only tell you that he never once brought it up to me.”

I’m not mad, and I guess publicity is publicity. But if you’re gonna cite a book, well …

I haven’t read the book so I can’t say for sure, but if Pearlman is right here, it makes the controversy a little confusing. My guess: the Roger-fired-Cito thing was included and misstated in the promotional materials provided by the publisher to the media. Those materials are really helpful when you’re getting ready to review a book, but the quality varies widely and the facts often get garbled.

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The book, although engaging and filled with good gossip, is dragged down by a very palpable agenda to be contrarian (“Everything you know is wrong!”) and salacious rumors. For instance, in defiance of everything Roger Clemens has always said, the author tries to portray his biological father as a great man and his mother the one at fault in their separation.  He then goes on to sadistically mock Clemens’s step-father on repeated occasions (he actually sneers at the step-father because he promised to prioritize his adopted children first, his wife second, and himself last; isn’t that a good thing?)  The… Read more »