Don’t look back

Chris Jaffe had the 50 best closer songs last week. This week: Geoff Young has the 71 worst.

One quibble: Geoff includes “If you Leave” by OMD. I’ll grant him that it’s not exactly intimidating, but a San Diego guy like Young should know that OMD singer Andy McCluskey married himself a Coronado girl and owns a house on the island. I know this because my brother is squatting there. For real! His girlfriend is childhood friends with McCluskey’s wife, so whenever the OMD family is in the U.K., my brother and his chick play Kato to their O.J. Best part: I was on the phone with my brother once, making fun of his benefactor for being a one hit wonder (“Hey Curt! You realize I can’t play a note, but I’m still only one hit away from matching your buddy’s track record!”) when Curt put Andy on the phone. And get this: he actually used the “we’re very big in Europe” line. I almost got a hernia I was laughing so hard. Imagine my embarrassment when I looked it up later and found out he was telling the truth. God, I hate the 80s.

Well, I sorta lost my train of thought. All I’m saying is that it’s gonna be really hard for the Padres to draw this year, so they should do a promotion called “Synth-pop Saturday” and have local boy McCluskey throw out the first pitch. I have it on pretty good authority that he’s not too busy.

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OMD actually had 4 Top 40 hits in the U.S.:
So In Love (#26 in 1985)
If You Leave (#4 in 1986)
(Forever) Live And Die (#19 in 1986)
Dreaming (#16 in 1988)


Hey, I kind of like (liked?) OMD.

Think Tears for Fears, but a bit less grandiose.