I’m waiting for the Chester A. Arthur “Redstockings” model

What all of the cool kids will be wearing soon:

The Chicago White Sox are aiming to release a President Barack Obama-themed version of their cap in time for the start of spring training.

The club has developed two prototype designs of its club hat with Obama marks on the side and back. The hats have been approved by MLB Properties, and the White Sox now are awaiting a formal blessing from the Obama administration before league licensee New Era goes into production. Both designs will be made if accepted by Obama.

The White Sox enjoy a special relationship with the newly inaugurated president due to his roots in south Chicago. Should the hat happen as intended, proceeds from its sale would be donated to charities, likely ones that provide services near U.S. Cellular Field.

Given that the proceeds are supposed to go to charity, this is pretty cool. But — and I say this even though I’m as big an Obama guy as anyone — how lame will this hat be if Obama totally face-plants on the job over the next four years? It would be like having a lower case “a” Braves cap with “Carter” on the back circa 1979, no?

Then again, a lot of guys made money selling those “Nixon: tanned, rested and ready” shirts back in the 80s, so what do I know?

(thanks to Pete Toms — proud owner of a Louis St. Laurent Montreal Royals model — for the link)

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Should I expect the Wilmington Blue Rocks to be making an annoucement soon about their Biden inspired lid?