Interview: David Price

David Price answered my questions just fine, but his pitching does the real talking. With just eight pro starts, Price has already been promoted to Double-A Montgomery. His stats over 46.2 innings: 6-0, 1.74 ERA, 49 strikeouts, 13 walks. It’s not only the Rays who are excited about last year’s first draft pick, either—no less than Pedro Martinez was blown away after facing him.

David was gracious enough to take a few minutes before a different interview to speak with me, whom he had never met before. Big thanks to David and to Biscuits media relations head Jim Tocco for making this happen.

In an organization that promotes aggressively, does getting to Double-A feel like a big step?

Definitely, and with all the things the major league club is doing these days, it’s pretty exciting.

Having grown up and gone to college in Tennessee, does pitching in an organization with primarily Southern affiliates make the transition easier?

Yeah, I grew up in this weather, so it’s what I’m used to. A little bit more heat and a little bit more humidity here [in Montgomery, AL], but I’m good with playing in this climate.

Growing up, you were a Braves fan, and your favorite player was David Justice. Any particular reason?

I don’t know, really. I just want to meet him.

Of all the Braves’ stud pitchers, which of them did you want to be like growing up?

None in particular—Tom Glavine, Steve Avery.

Out of the players you grew up watching who are still playing, who do you most want to face?

Just whoever’s the best at the time.

How has the coaching differed from Vanderbilt to the Rays?

The main thing is that, at this level, they treat us all like grown men. We know what we’re doing out there, so they let us do what we’re trying to do. There’s not any particular philosophy the club is handing down other than just working hard.

How have the hitters differed from Vanderbilt to the pros?

Here, they lay off the pitches that are just off the plate. You have to plan and figure out where you’re starting your slider and where it’s going to end.

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When your game is on, what are you getting?

Groundballs and strikeouts.

Other than runs allowed, what stats are you looking at to see if everything’s going well?

Just walks.

If you were a closer and got to pick your walk-in music, what would it be?

Saw theme.

References & Resources for David’s current stats.

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