Joe Torre’s worlds collide

I hate it when my day job interferes with my social life. Joe Torre seems to be taking it better:

For the last 13 years or so, Torre has visited this gambling mecca in early December to play golf and craps and to bet on the horses with his own modern-day Rat Pack.

For the last 13 winter meetings, Torre has been absent. He did not attend them in 12 seasons as the Yankees’ manager or before his first season as manager of the Dodgers, his current team.

With the meetings being conducted in Las Vegas for the first time, they coincided with what Torre calls his annual “guys’ weekend,” and he decided he could mix business with pleasure. But Torre said his presence here had more to do with his posse of Sammys and Deans than with his employers in Los Angeles.

“I’m pretending I’m doing a little work,” Torre said.

Hey! Me too!

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“How many ex-Red Sox will end up on my team this year?  Who’s got odds on 3 of them??”