Local girl gets published!

OK, longtime ShysterBall reader Melody (full name: Melody Blass Fisher) would probably smack me for calling her a “girl,” but since the purpose of this post is to promote her most excellent Baseball Chronicle essay, here’s hoping she cuts me some slack.

As for the story, if any of you have either (a) been ripped off by a scalper; or (b) fallen in love with Wrigley Field — and that should cover just about every single last one of you — you’ll love it.

And please, if you have a head full of ideas that are driving you insane, and if at least some of them have to do with baseball, consider contributing to The Baseball Chronicle. It’s definitely the kind of thing we need more of in the online baseball world.

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Aw man, even “gal” woulda been better. 
Joking aside, thanks for the promo!  It was a lot of fun to write—wish I could afford to make that trip again this summer.