My Morning in Exile

Can we get a ruling on whether Bob Costas is still an NBC guy, or if he’s now more properly an MLB Network personality? If it’s the latter I may say I’m far more angry at him for not bringing up the Duke thing when he interviewed Selena Roberts the other day than I will if it’s the former. See, we’re all compromised to some degree . . .

  • As mentioned before, because Selena Roberts went with anonymous sources, her credibility matters.
  • The Royals may be one Ponsonectomy away from the division crown.
  • It’s early yet, but anecdotal evidence still has the AL as the superior league.
  • I linked Harry Pavlidis’ Coreys vs. Geoffs piece, so let’s eliminate the middle man and get right to it, shall we?
  • Finally, Brian McCann is going to look totally rad if he doesn’t need surgery.

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