My Morning in Exile

This week is turning out to be a real bummer on the work front, so apologies for the lighter content. There will certainly be more stuff to come today, and next week things should be back to normal, but it will still be a little bit sluggish today and tomorrow. In the meantime:

  • The umpire in the Twins-Tigers game should be suspended.
  • Tom Glavine is going to come back and I simply can’t watch.
  • Who’s the bigger villian: Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds?
  • I linked Brandon Isleib’s piece about pitchers who sank their team’s pennant race, so let’s just eliminate the middle man.
  • Senior citizens welcome a baseball player on their lawn.
  • Finally, the Reds have gorgeous swag. Or something.
  • Also: anyone else throw stuff at the TV last night when both Jack and Juliet essentially said “waah, she/he doesn’t love me anymore so I’m going to set off a nuclear bomb”? That just killed me. I demand right now that the final season of “Lost” be nothing but Rose and Bernard and the dog living in their shack, because they’re the only mature characters within 50 miles of that show.

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    Ohhhh, come on!  With the bomb, Juliet never goes to the island and wastes all of that time in the first place. It was more than just Sawyer/Kate.  And besides, to have never met Kate in the first place would be a blessing.  She drives everyone crazy…

    Anyway, great episode last night.  And I really have no idea what will happen next.  The writers, however, have always known and aren’t just making stuff up for the heck of it.  Which is why I like this show.