My Morning in Exile

No work today, so I blogged from home. It’s nice, though I’m not sure if it’s less stressful than blogging from the office or not. On the one hand, I don’t have to shower, shave, drive anywhere, answer the phone or work around meetings and stuff. On the other hand, in many important ways its easier to balance legal work with blogging than it is to balance things like Hot Wheels car parades, fights over which cartoons to watch and wives and fathers asking me to do things around the house. Upshot: if I ever convince someone to let me write from home full time, I’m going to rent an office.

  • This was here and not at NBC, but many people miss late night posts so I thought I’d bump it.
  • Baseball will raise awareness of — and money for — ALS during tomorrow’s games. Good for baseball.
  • Weisman and Simers seem to get this stuff right, but everyone else at the L.A. Times is out to lunch when it comes to Manny Ramirez. The latest: they want you to boo him. Classy.
  • More on the Texas Rangers bailout. DuPuyspeak: the Rangers didn’t need money for payroll, they’re just trying to “help assure a stable environment” for the team. One wonders how unstable things would be if no one got paid today.
  • Scott Boras wants to use Japanese baseball as a bluff to enrich Stephen Strasburg. It ain’t gonna work.
  • Marchman says Francoeur should be in the All-Star Game. Why you gotta hate like that, Tim?
  • Finally, the Indians are on pace to lose 100 games for the seventh time. Only seven? I would have lost that bet.
  • And with that I’m done for the Fourth of July weekend. Probably, anyway. If something strange or major happens — of it I just have too many beers and get some time on my hands — I may check in with some other stuff. If I don’t, however, have yourself a merry little Independence Day.

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    Greg Simons
    Greg Simons

    I’d like to think that anyone’s decision to boo or not boo Manny is made not because a newspaper told them to or a blogger told them not to, but because they’ve considered all aspects of the issue themself and come up with a reasoned opinion.

    Manny cleared cheated.  Whether an individual finds that utterly reprehensible or a mild distraction is up to that person.

    Wooden U. Lykteneau
    Wooden U. Lykteneau

    Why bother wasting any energy trying to convince a idiot savant that he has done wrong? It’s like trying to explain the value of doing manual labor yourself to a Young Republican.