My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote while realizing that no matter who wins this series, one of the managers is going to get more guff than he probably deserves:

  • Are McCarver and Buck rooting for anyone? Is this a ripoff of Jay’s previous post on the subject or just an homage? Do you get more angry comments and click-throughs if you put your post titles in the form of a question?
  • The post which will cause people to come to a baseball blog and talk about how much they hate baseball. It’s a dynamic I’ll never understand.
  • When Bob Gibson was young he’d walk to the ballpark, uphill, both ways, in a driving blizzard. He’d get paid five bees a start, and he was THANKFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY.
  • Bam-Bam!
  • Jamie to the Dodgers: “Get out of my divorce!”
  • Baseball makes noises about maybe kinda sorta wanting to stop the mound meetings. Good luck. I’ve been trying to stop meetings for 11 years now and I’ve had no luck.
  • Not that guff is the worst thing a guy can take. Indeed, on the “taking” scale, guff is far preferable to grief, crap and its more colorful permutations. Really, with the exception of “rebop” guff is probably the best thing you can expect to take under the circumstances.

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    Mark Armour
    Mark Armour

    I love everything about Bob Gibson.  His pitching, his attitude, the way he looked his cap, his honesty.

    He also pitched just six times on 3-days rest in 1967 and 1968 (combined) before doing it four more times in the two Series.  (The two Game 1’s were on four days rest).

    Mode:Theif and Lair
    Mode:Theif and Lair
    @Mark I actually didn’t believe you and had to check BBRef to make sure.  I thought five man rotations started in the late 70s. I found a BP link with some history on the 5 man rotation: I keep thinking that biologically speaking it would be possible to figure out how long it takes the broken down muscle to regenerate and normalize. Is this much different than a normal “workout” where you are not going overboard to gain muscle but enough to “tone” muscle.  I would think there would be a way to figure out how much of a… Read more »

    Richard Hayden: All right, now it’s sale time, so remember, we don’t take no…?
    Tommy: No #### from anyone.
    Richard Hayden: No.
    Tommy: Um, we don’t take no prisoners.
    Richard Hayden: We don’t take no for answer.
    Tommy: Oh yeah… We don’t take no for an answer! We don’t take no for an answer…