NFBC Main Event and Auction Championship results

By now, I’m sure all of you out there are on pins and needles wondering how my NFBC Main Event and Auction Championship teams turned out this past weekend, right?

I used this space last season to update the trials and tribulations of my Main Event squad. The season had plenty of ups and downs, plenty of mistakes and great moves, all culminating in a whirlwind of emotions on the season’s final day. When the dust had settled, I finished atop the heap of Chicago League 1.

As exciting as that title is, I was marginally disappointed, finishing only 29th overall (of 390 total teams). Rather than resting on my laurels, I put in more time and effort this offseason than at any point in my young fantasy career.

I have been working diligently since early October perfecting my projections, rankings and draft plans. I know the player pool inside and out and know exactly what I need to do to assemble a championship caliber team. My goal is not to just be competitive in my league. My goal is to be the No. 1 overall team at season’s end.

NFBC draft weekend is always one of my favorite weekends of the year, and this one surely didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere, excitement and camaraderie among my fantasy baseball brethren was absolutely top notch.

While there may not be as many leagues drafting in Chicago as there are in other locations, the core group of competitors there are fantastic drafters and even better people. My longtime co-managing contingent of Dan Wydick and Tom Amoroso split off on their own this season and took on a team in Chicago League 2. I felt like a parent sending his children off into the world. I instilled as much wisdom and knowledge as I could and sent them on their way. This season I had my twin brother Shawn in the co-manager’s chair for the Main Event.

I’m not going to get too much into the thought process and decision making that went along with the draft, as I’ll likely elaborate further in other articles. Just wanted to give everyone a chance to view my teams (Main and Auction) and offer up any compliments or criticisms that you may see.

Are these team’s contenders or pretenders?

I present to you Dynamic Inertia:

NFBC Main Event—Chicago League 1 (14th pick)

C – Wilson Ramos (14), Chris Iannetta (20)

1B – Prince Fielder (2)

2B – Danny Espinosa (10)

SS – Yunel Escobar (18)

3B – Mat Gamel (13)

OF – Jacoby Ellsbury (1), Hunter Pence (4), B.J. Upton (5), Melky Cabrera (11), Angel Pagan (16)

MI- Alexi Casilla (23)

The Incompleat Starting Pitcher
The end of the nine-inning start and how we got here.

CI- Ike Davis (9)

UTIL- James Loney (22)

SP- Dan Haren (4), Matt Moore (6), Daniel Hudson (7), Shaun Marcum (15), Ricky Nolasco (17), Ryan Vogelsong (21), Carlos Zambrano (24), Brett Cecil (27), Luis Mendoza (29)

RP- Mariano Rivera (8), Frank Francisco (12), Greg Holland (19)

Bench – Jesus Guzman (25), Seth Smith (26), Ruben Tejada (28)

I already know that I slightly over-drafted speed and under-drafted power. The biggest weaknesses to me look to be at middle infield and utility which I think will be relatively easy to fix. I would love to hear feedback, though.

NFBC Auction Championship

Dan Wydick sat in the co-pilot’s chair for this team, our first time competing in a 15 team mixed auction. I think we fared pretty well here. Again, I would love to hear thoughts and opinions on this team.

C – Chris Iannetta ($2), Jason Castro ($1)

1B – Adam Dunn ($12)

2B – Dustin Pedroia ($30)

SS – Hanley Ramirez ($35)

3B – Mat Gamel ($8)

OF – Matt Kemp ($40), Desmond Jennings ($18), Andre Ethier ($13), Yonder Alonso ($4), Dayan Viciedo ($1)

MI – Jimmy Rollins ($16)

CI – Carlos Lee ($7)

UTIL – Will Venable ($4)

SP – Adam Wainwright ($18), Ian Kennedy ($15), Max Scherzer ($8), Vance Worley ($4), Edwin Jackson ($2), Henderson Alvarez ($1), Carlos Zambrano ($2)

RP – Jason Motte ($12), Frank Francisco ($7)

Bench – Mike Leake, Brian Matusz, Bobby Abreu, A.J. Burnett Hector Noesi, Francisco Cordero, Wilson Betemit.

I would have liked to see one more high quality starting pitcher forthis team, but the pitching prices got pushed higher than was anticipated. I had Madison Bumgarner targeted as our ace, but was priced out at $23.

Where do I need to upgrade? Can these teams lead me to greatness?

Thoughts and opinions are welcomed and appreciated. Leave them in the comments here, or on twitter @DaveShovein

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i drafted out of the 14 spot in my NFBC league (just satellite, i’m too poor for the main event) about 2 weeks ago so it’s nice to see your take on it. you had some nice OFs fall to you- ellsbury in the 1st and b.j. upton in the 5th are definite steals.  justin upton fell to me in the 1st and i was hoping to pair the brothers but it wasn’t to be.  your OF is solid but an injury would be problematic. yunel in the 18th was great as well.  i got him in the 14th and… Read more »
Dave Shovein
Dave Shovein
@johnnycuff: It’s one area where I’ll be very aggressive early on in the season if I can find a long-term potential upgrade. Alexi Casilla and Ruben Tejada are at least full-time starters and getting everyday at-bats, so it’s not a dire problem, but surely one that I want to address. I really wanted Kinsler in the 1st round, but he went the pick before me, and I had to “settle” on Ellsbury there. I also had BJ Upton targeted at the 3/4 turn if he fell there, but Pence falling looked like the better option. I was shocked to see… Read more »
All right, Dave, I’ll shoot my team at you since I drafted at the 14 hole as well (2nd weekend, Online League 2). C – Joe Mauer (6), Russel Martin (17) 1B – Prince Fielder (1) 2B – Ian Kinsler (2) SS – Rafael Furcal (24) 3B – Chris Davis (19) MI – Danny Espinosa (11) CI – Gaby Sanchez (14) OF – Hunter Pence (4), Shane Victorino (5), Coco Crisp (9), Alex Rios (12), Jason Kubel (18) UT – Bryan LaHair (21) SP – CC Sabathia (3), Brandon Beachy (7), Matt Garza (8), John Danks (15), Gavin Floyd (16),… Read more »