Peavy Deal Dead

So sayeth Robo:

The Cubs’ pursuit of Jake Peavy is over.

Padres general manager Kevin Towers said he was told by Cubs general manager Jim Hendry on Thursday that the Cubs were no longer interested in pursuing a deal for the former Cy Young winner.

The teams had spoken for weeks about a potential trade but talks broke down this week.

The Cubs were frustrated by the Padres’ attempts to seek five or six players for Peavy with one team executive saying, “They’re looking for a Herschel Walker-type deal.”

It was fairly obvious weeks ago that (a) Towers was going to ask for a lot; and (b) that Peavy wasn’t going to help by being coy with respect to where he would or would not play. That pretty much killed every possible deal, with Atlanta and Chicago each realizing that Towers was driving a harder bargain than he really had a right to be driving.

The Padres need to stop, take a deep breath, plan on entering 2009 with Jake Peavy as their opening day starter, hope that Peavy gives some random interview somewhere in which he says he “just wants to play for a winner” and then says absolutely nothing else, and then try to trade him next June.

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