Programming Note

Sorry for the slow afternoon, but the day job is kicking my butt today. As such, I may not have anything new this afternoon.

In the meantime, know that this morning’s Bucky Dent mystery has been solved. The cards, it seems, were sent by Josh Wilker’s publisher. Wilker, as you all know, is the proprietor of the wonderful Cardboard Gods, and that Cardboard Godly goodness is being turned into a book, due out next fall. The cards were to whet the appetite. Though I tend to be dismissive of viral marketing, this one wasn’t terribly viral, wasn’t too over the top in terms of marketing, and in my view was a lot of fun. So consider my appetite whetted and consider Josh’s publisher absolved of aggravated marketing.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, folks.

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Jason @ IIATMS
Jason @ IIATMS

And I was hoping to get home tonite to a crisp Biff Porcoroba card.  🙁