Some changes at THT Fantasy

Time for a quick update on the state of THT Fantasy.

Today, we’ll be saying goodbye to our Buy On The Rumor blog. We’re sad to see it go, but it will be replaced by what we think will be a more effective medium for communication. If you check out the right-hand side of the THT Fantasy homepage, you’ll now see a live feed of our Twitter account. I’ll primarily be the one posting to it, but my THTF colleagues will be joining in on occasion as well.

It will serve as a place where we can post links to external articles worth reading, quick comments on players, updates on our leagues, and anything else that may be relevant to fantasy baseball. I’ve been posting to it since last week, so be sure to go back and catch up on everything the dozen or so previous tweets. If you’re looking to follow us on Twitter, our account name is “THTFantasy”.

Next, I’d like to introduce you to the newest writer for THT Fantasy. His name is Jonathan Sher, and you’ll be hearing from him every Monday. He’s also an investigative reporter for the London Free Press and was twice a finalist for the Canadian equivalent of a Pulitzer. Glad to have you on board, Jonathan!

I’ll also be resuming writing articles weekly (more or less, depending on the scope), which I’m very excited about.

As David noted last week, Roster Doctor has returned, so keep sending in your rosters and we’ll evaluate as many of them as we can.

I think that covers everything. If you ever have any suggestions for things you’d like to see at THT Fantasy, I’d love to hear from you. Our primary goal is helping you win your league and providing you with the content you want to see, so don’t hesitate to give us a yell if there’s something you can we could add or improve upon.

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