Take it or leave it, Tom

Tom Glavine seems to misunderstand his value and leverage at this point in his career:

Tom Glavine still hasn’t received the financial offer that he’s seeking. But he remains hopeful that the Braves will eventually make the concessions that will allow him the opportunity to fulfill his desire to pitch in Atlanta this year.

While meeting with Glavine on Wednesday afternoon, Braves general manager Frank Wren didn’t increase the offer he made to the southpaw last week. But he did provide indication that he’ll continue to attempt to be creative while trying to satisfy the veteran pitcher’s financial request.

Look, I love Tom Glavine like nearly no other player, but if this “negotiation” constitutes anything other than the Braves giving his agent a lowish number that reflects the unlikelihood that he will be a durable and effective pitcher in 2009 and Glavine saying “done,” someone with the team isn’t doing their job.

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Many players seem to forget that they negotiated the best deals available throughout their careers while their performance was acceptable.And even if their performance was sub par,the contract was guaranteed.
Now,with performance ebbing and risk of injury increasing,they feel that they still have some right to demand more money based on their past and not what they offer currently.Which is questionable.
I suspect Glavine is one and the Braves hopefully will pass.