The 2008 Arbitration Eligibles

Midnight was the deadline. The following guys have a decision to make:

CC Sabathia
Manny Ramirez
A.J. Burnett
Derek Lowe
Oliver Perez
Francisco Rodriguez
Brian Fuentes
Mark Teixeira
Jon Garland
Darren Oliver
Ben Sheets
Brian Shouse
Casey Blake
Juan Cruz
Orlando Hudson
Brandon Lyon
Paul Byrd
Jason Varitek
Milton Bradley
Orlando Cabrera
Mark Grudzielanek
Raul Ibanez
Dennys Reyes
David Weathers

These 24 fellas have until Sunday to accept.

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Isn’t the real story the scores of guys who were not offered arbitration?

Also, I found it particularly interesting that not a single Yankee free agent was offered arbitration.  Of all the teams capable of making a one year commitment for too much money, the Yankees decided not too offer arbitration to any of their free agents!  I suppose they can still make a one year commitment for too much money with some of them (excluding Abreu), but still.


Wow, no arb for Moyer and Burrell?  Something is up in Philly.

Don’t be shocked to see the Phillies use the glow of the WS victory to retool the team for the long haul and make some move that may hurt short term but benefit long term. I suspect the Yankee are playing a shell game with compensation picks as they will receive some for their type A and B and give some away for signing CC, Lowe, Burnett or Teixeira.  Cashman is trying to balance signing FA with rebuilding the farm system as it appears he wants to win with a core of developed players. Would love to see O Cabrera… Read more »

Oh, I agree.  I don’t think it’s anything negative, but both Burrell and Moyer are type A guys, so that’s a lot of nice picks out the window if something goes wrong.  I wonder who they’re trying to free up money for?