The daily grind: 10-2

The Daily Grind provides daily match-up advice based on my every-morning waiver wire search. I welcome advice to help make this column more effective. Ownership rates are from Yahoo!

The Fanduel picks are a mixture of Daily League specific advice and information for the more typical fantasy owner.

Today’s grind

The Fanduel Daily League Players of the Day are:

Pitcher (to start): There have been some changes between yesterday and today. If you’re looking for pitchers today, that tells me you have no choice. That’s unfortunate, because today’s pitchers are bad.

Jacob Turner is somehow the top recommendation of the day. It wasn’t very long ago when I considered him the top bum of the day. And frankly, my opinion of him has barely changed.

David Phelps has been bumped to the rotation in place of Ivan Nova. I’m unsure how stretched out he is, so don’t be caught off guard by an early exit.

Miguel Gonzalez and the Orioles are still fighting to win a division. The Rays were only recently eliminated, so they might be running some experiments today.

Pitcher (bum): Chris Volstad remains in no danger of promotion to the “Start” list. Against the Astros, his downside is somewhat limited.

I’m not confident that Patrick Corbin will finish strong after several consecutive clunkers.

Phillies starter Tyler Cloyd has a sore arm, so we’ll be seeing a bullpen game. B.J. Rosenberg will kick off the festivities.

Hitter (power): Gio Gonzalez is playing for a Cy Young, but to the Nationals, tonight’s game does not matter. Gonzalez is a tough pitcher to face for any rookie, but given the undercurrents, I’m comfortable trying Darin Ruf.

Andruw Jones and Jon Lester will have another rematch.

Hitter (speed): The Brewers are eliminated, but Norichika Aoki could still snag a bag.

Tomorrow’s grind

Pitcher (to start): A.J. Griffin has been friendly to his owners this year. This could be the biggest game of the season for the A’s, or it could be a rest day. If the A’s lose tonight, expect to see the backups out there tomorrow.

Homer Bailey is coming off a no-hitter, so he deserves an honorable mention here. But I don’t actually like him for tomorrow. It’s a tune-up outing against the Cardinals.

Pitcher (bum): Jeremy Hefner recently rewarded me with a terrible outing, so I’m going to hitch my wagon and try again.

The Incompleat Starting Pitcher
The end of the nine-inning start and how we got here.

Daisuke Matsuzaka has immolation down to a science. The Yankees might still need to win tomorrow’s game if the Orioles win today.

Hitter (power): Raul Ibanez will try to hook a couple cheap ones against Matsuzaka.

Edwin Jackson will be getting ready for his postseason run, so try Domonic Brown.

Hitter (speed): More platoon advantage for Carlos Gomez. It’s been a good year for a favorite son of this column.

Rajai Davis also has the platoon advantage, although that matters less.

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Will H.
Will H.

I was at the game last night and saw Ruf (whom I must admit I hadn’t heard of until your mention yesterday) and he looks legit.


Have to say it felt mighty strange to drop Verlander for Koji Uehara yesterday. Such is the odd nature of a redraft H2H finals round where both teams are over the start limit.. Only relief pitchers can rack up stats.

Thanks for your good advice this season, Brad. I’m currently leading my money league 11-0-1 with two days remaining. Your timely tips and knowledgable banter were very helpful, and I only wish I’d found this site sooner; it might have kept me from drafting Michael Pineda in the 5th round.

Are you planning any mock drafts for 2013?

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

Well, I’m not planning any at this time, but they’ll happen.


Looking for some quick help in my roto league:

If you needed help in Ks to maintain a lead but could potentially lose points in WHIP, would you pitch Carpenter tonight vs. The Reds?
He hasn’t looked that sharp in his two starts vs. the Cubs and Astros but historically he has pitched well against the Reds. 

My decision would be a lot easier if I could see my lead in WHIP but yahoo doesn’t show beyond the hundredth decimal point.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

Based on what you posted, no. Carp will probably throw 4-6 innings with about 3 K. And unless your WHIP is very high (think 1.35+), starting Carp is likely to take you backwards.

That said, I could imagine conditions where you have to start him anyway and hope for the best.