The daily grind: 7-20

The Daily Grind provides daily match-up advice based on my every-morning waiver wire search. I welcome advice to help make this column more effective. Ownership rates are from Yahoo!

The Fanduel picks are a mixture of Daily League specific advice and information for the more typical fantasy owner.

Today’s grind

Those in leagues with same-day moves should refer back to yesterday’s table.

The Fanduel Daily League Players of the Day are:

Pitcher (to start): As I stated yesterday, I’ve found Marco Estrada‘s stuff to be quite impressive this season. He’s offering generous helpings of strikeouts with a scanty side of walks. Based purely on numbers, Miguel Gonzalez has a tolerable match-up against the Indians.

Pitcher (bum): Is Nick Blackburn the worst pitcher of the season? I think so. And I expect the Royals to add some more whoopin’ to his line. As an alternative, I think the Rays could get to Hisashi Iwakuma in a big way.

Hitter (power): Who but Andruw Jones. Carlos Pena and Luke Scott are a nice pair of alternatives.

Hitter (speed): I don’t really think Lorenzo Cain is likely to steal a base, but I love his match-up and expect big things today. Beyond the usual suspects, I’d look at Tony Campana, Gerardo Parra, and Denard Span.

Tomorrow’s grind

Chris Tillman against the Indians is one of the better freely available match-ups. You could also try Carlos Zambrano against the Pirates and hope that it’s a day that Andrew McCutchen doesn’t hit a bomb.

Alex Cobb against the feeble Mariners is worth a glance despite the fact that Cobb has struggled against mediocre competition lately.

J.A. Happ still looks like he should be having a much better year than he is. A game against the lefty-heavy Diamondbacks could help his numbers.

How an Ace Performance Impacts Reliever Workloads
Bullpenning has its advantages, but it's great when an elite starter eats up a bunch of innings, too.

Team Player Handedness Opposing pitcher   Team Player Handedness Opposing pitcher
Athletics         Astros      
  Brandon Moss L Phil Hughes     Chris Johnson R Wade Miley
  Seth Smith L Phil Hughes     J.D. Martinez R Wade Miley
Blue Jays         Brewers      
  Adam Lind L Aaron Cook     Carlos Gomez R Bronson Arroyo
  Rajai Davis R Aaron Cook     Norichika Aoki L Bronson Arroyo
Indians         Cubs      
  Johnny Damon L Chris Tillman     Tony Campana L Jake Westbrook
  Travis Hafner L Chris Tillman   Dodgers      
  Casey Kotchman L Chris Tillman     Jerry Hairston Jr. R Miguel Batista
Mariners         Mets      
  Justin Smoak L Alex Cobb     Scott Hairston R Chris Capuano
  Michael Saunders L Alex Cobb   Padres      
Orioles           Yasmani Grandal S Jeff Francis
  Wilson Betemit S Zach McAllister     Carlos Quentin R Jeff Francis
  Jim Thome L Zach McAllister     Cameron Maybin R Jeff Francis
Rangers           Chris Denorfia R Jeff Francis
  David Murphy L Ervin Santana   Pirates      
Royals           Pedro Alvarez L Carlos Zambrano
  Salvador Perez R Scott Diamond     Garrett Jones L Carlos Zambrano
  Alcides Escobar R Scott Diamond   Reds      
  Lorenzo Cain R Scott Diamond     Todd Frazier R Yovani Gallardo
Tigers         Rockies      
  Delmon Young R Chris Sale     Tyler Colvin L Kip Wells
  Ryan Doumit S Luis Mendoza          
  Denard Span L Luis Mendoza          
  Ben Revere L Luis Mendoza          
White Sox                
  Dayan Viciedo R Rick Porcello          
  Raul Ibanez L Jarrod Parker          

It might be a good day to own Adam Lind.

I’m hoping that Tyler Colvin keeps finding his way into the lineup as he frequently draws exploitable match-ups like Kip Wells.

The options above from the Royals and Twins probably have the best combination of talent, availability, and favorable match-ups. And they play each other, which should make things interesting.

Reliever watch

An uneventful evening although Drew Storen threw a clean inning in his return from the disabled list. He was brought into a game in which the Nationals were behind five runs in the ninth. Tyler Clippard still has a grip on the job, but it’s slipping.

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Skoolboy Jim
Skoolboy Jim

The Dbacks don’t look lefty-heavy to me for Happ. They also hit left-handed pitching better than anyone in the NL unless I am using the charts wrong, which I could be.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

You’re right. A bit of a false impression from back when they were using Parra, Kubel, Overbay, and Montero at the same time. And getting the bulk of their production from those guys too. Now that Upton and Young are healthy and Goldschmidt isn’t flailing…


Happ was traded to the Jays so he might pitch against the Red Sox or miss a start.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

Well that pulls one of my best stream options out of the pool. Without looking deeper, I’d bet that the move from the NL Central to AL East covers the difference between his ERA and FIP.

And how about that trade…what a slopfest.