The daily grind: 7-25

The Daily Grind provides daily match-up advice based on my every-morning waiver wire search. I welcome advice to help make this column more effective. Ownership rates are from Yahoo!

The Fanduel picks are a mixture of Daily League specific advice and information for the more typical fantasy owner.

Today’s grind

Those in leagues with same-day moves should refer back to yesterday’s table.

The Fanduel Daily League Players of the Day are:

Pitcher (to start): An easy choice (for me) for once. Marco Estrada has climbed way up my non-existent rankings list and should be owned in most formats.

Trevor Cahill is a solid alternative if available and Kevin Correia is a reliable, if not exciting, option.

Pitcher (bum): As if you needed a reminder about the wanton nature of baseball, some pretty crappy pitchers not only survived their outings yesterday but pitched very well.

Nick Blackburn is the goat of the day and he’s been a reliable one. We’ll see what the White Sox can do. They’re a hard team to bulk up on since you can start pnly one of Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn.

Hitter (power): Jonny Gomes gets another chance to use his boom-goes-the-dynamite stick. I hear he grunts that with every swing. In the opposing dugout, Adam Lind will be trying to match him swing for swing. Let’s hope they connect…

Hitter (speed): Quintin Berry should get to test his wheels against Derek Lowe. Though he is not mentioned in yesterday’s table, I’ve decided that it’s time that Carlos Gomez be picked up by more teams.

Tomorrow’s grind

We’re at half strength tomorrow with only eight games, yet it might be one of the best days for pitcher streaming I’ve seen in awhile. The list includes Jason Vargas, Matt Harvey (on waivers in most leagues), Zach McAllister, Jake Westbrook, Tommy Milone, Aaron Laffey and Chris Tillman. None of those pitchers have perfect match-ups, but they’re all playable.

The Incompleat Starting Pitcher
The end of the nine-inning start and how we got here.

Team Player Handedness Opposing pitcher   Team Player Handedness Opposing pitcher
Athletics         Astros      
  Jemile Weeks S Aaron Laffey     Chris Johnson R TBA
  Coco Crisp S Aaron Laffey     J.D. Martinez R TBA
  Jonny Gomes R Aaron Laffey     Jordan Schafer L TBA
Blue Jays         Brewers      
  Rajai Davis R Tommy Milone     Carlos Gomez R Edwin Jackson
Mariners           Norichika Aoki L Edwin Jackson
  Michael Saunders L Luis Mendoza   Mets      
Orioles           Scott Hairston R Wade Miley
  Wilson Betemit S James Shields   Pirates      
  Jim Thome L James Shields     Casey McGehee R Dallas Keutchel
  Luke Scott L Chris Tillman          
  Carlos Pena L Chris Tillman          
  Salvador Perez R Jason Vargas          
  Alcides Escobar R Jason Vargas          
  Lorenzo Cain R Jason Vargas          
  Brennan Boesch L Zach McAllister          
  Quintin Berry L Zach McAllister          

It’s a thin group, but there’s still plenty of fodder to go around.

Gomes returns for his third straight party. There are plenty of other power options in the second tier like Scott Hairston and Luke Scott.

Rajai Davis and Quintin Berry are well set for a steal opportunity.

Pick up Lorenzo Cain. I mean seriously, why are you waiting? He’s settling in as the Royals clean-up, making him a five category producer.

Reliever watch

The Brewers have blown two saves in spectacular fashion on back-to-back nights. Last night it was the middle relievers—specifically Manny Parra and Kameron Loe—who supplied the letdown.

Francisco Cordero picked up right where he left off in Toronto with a blown save in his first attempt for the Astros. Don’t say I didn’t warn you away.

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Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

I also misspelled Zack Cozart yesterday.

This is what you lovely readers are for. Also a good time to remind you to check my work…:/


Cain is batting third, not fourth.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

I think the lesson is that he’s batting in the middle of the order.

He’s batted 4th just as often as 3rd recently. The lineup posted on Twitter yesterday had him batting 4th although I now see he ended up batting 3rd. Those twitter lineups aren’t always reliable.


Luke Scott went on the DL several days ago…kinda invalidates your credibility a little bit, dont ya think?