The daily grind: 9-10

The Daily Grind provides daily match-up advice based on my every-morning waiver wire search. I welcome advice to help make this column more effective. Ownership rates are from Yahoo!

The Fanduel picks are a mixture of Daily League specific advice and information for the more typical fantasy owner.

Today’s grind

The Fanduel Daily League Players of the Day are:

Pitcher (to start): It feels weird to keep recommending Kyle Kendrick. The Marlins have a dreadful offense, so the match-up is right, but I’m eventually going to get egg on my face.

Opposing Kendrick is Wade LeBlanc, who basically has the same story. He’s a low strikeout guy who’s performed much better than expected recently.

I like Jarrod Parker, so I’ll recommend him against the Angels again.

Pitcher (bum): A few of the Rockies’ best relievers will be out today after yesterday’s doubleheader. With Alex White on a 75-pitch count, the Giants need only knock him out early and get to the soft underbelly of call-ups.

Usually it brings me much joy to point out when Chris Volstad is starting, but the Astros’ lineup is singularly uninspiring. They’ve scored the fewest runs in baseball, mostly because they hired half their team off the street.

Dallas Keuchel opposes Volstad and you know what? It’s kind of the same story. The Cubs are the second most terribad offense.

Hitter (power): John Mayberry Jr. didn’t have a big doubleheader, but he’s a hot commodity right now and he’ll have the platoon advantage tomorrow. He puts up good numbers versus lefties.

Ryan Doumit will face Justin Masterson. He’s had some past issues with lefty power hitters although Doumit is hardly Babe Ruth.

Hitter (speed): Have I ever mentioned this guy whose bandwagon I drive? His name is Carlos Gomez and he has the platoon advantage tomorrow.

Ben Revere and Denard Span also face Masterson from the left side. We’ll see if they can reach base and swipe a few.

Tomorrow’s grind

You have options, but they don’t have great match-ups.

First up is Marco Estrada, who will face the curiously productive Braves. I’ve yet to figure out why that lineup is scoring runs since it’s the same bland group of guys as the last two years.

Jhoulys Chacin against the Giants combines one of my favorite waiver guys with a palatable match-up. Unfortunately, that 75-pitch limit really ruins things.

Tebow or Not Tebow, a Visualization
When it comes to the Mets' famous minor leaguer, it's not just will he get major league time, but should he.

The Angels have some key contributors slumping and Dan Straily will hope that continues tomorrow.

Team Player Handedness Opposing Pitcher   Team Player Handedness Opposing Pitcher
Athletics         Astros      
  Brandon Moss L TBA     Brett Wallace L Justin Germano
  Seth Smith L TBA     J.D. Martinez R Justin Germano
  Chris Carter R TBA     Jordan Schafer L Justin Germano
  Coco Crisp S TBA   Brewers      
  Jonny Gomes R TBA     Carlos Gomez R Tim Hudson
Blue Jays           Norichika Aoki L Tim Hudson
  Rajai Davis R Erasmo Ramirez   Cardinals      
Rangers           Jon Jay L Edinson Volquez
  David Murphy L Ubaldo Jimenez   Cubs      
Rays           Brett Jackson L Jordan Lyles
  Carlos Pena L Miguel Gonzalez     David DeJesus L Jordan Lyles
Red Sox         Dodgers      
  Cody Ross R Hiroki Kuroda     A.J. Ellis R Ian Kennedy
Royals         Giants      
  Salvador Perez R Scott Diamond     Gregor Blanco L Jhoulys Chacin
  Alcides Escobar R Scott Diamond     Brandon Belt L Jhoulys Chacin
  Lorenzo Cain R Scott Diamond     Angel Pagan S Jhoulys Chacin
Tigers         Padres      
  Brennan Boesch L Jake Peavy     Will Venable L Adam Wainwright
Twins         Phillies      
  Ryan Doumit S Will Smith     Erik Kratz R Nathan Eovaldi
White Sox           Domonic Brown L Nathan Eovaldi
  Jordan Danks L Doug Fister     Nate Schierholtz L Nathan Eovaldi
Yankees           John Mayberry Jr. R Nathan Eovaldi
  Andruw Jones R Jon Lester   Pirates      
            Travis Snider L Mike Leake
            Garrett Jones L Mike Leake
            Zack Cozart R Kevin Correia

I skipped Andruw Jones the last couple times he’s shown up, but against Jon Lester he should be a good start.

Garrett Jones is over-owned for this column, but I’ve seen him in a couple leagues. It’s worth noting that Travis Snider would be a good option if he wasn’t banged up. So don’t pick up Travis Snider for tomorrow.

I half expect Brandon Belt to conclude the season with some solid production. Similar to above, Angel Pagan is owned by too many people, but I forgot to remove him from the table.

I’m going to climb out on my thinnest limb and whisper the name Brett Jackson

…and then leap down to a sturdier limb and suggest David Murphy.

Reliever watch

Alfredo Aceves is being stretched out to start, so grab Andrew Bailey while you can. I was saying they should do this weeks ago (right around when I noticed Aaron Cook was still taking regular turns).

Addison Reed is kind of imploding down the stretch. With Hector Santiago in the rotation and Matt Thornton overexposed as the ninth inning man, Brett Myers could see the save opportunities down the stretch. Reed still has the makings of an elite reliever long term.

Someone let Heath Bell (cough*Ozzie*) onto the field where he proceeded to cough up the lead. Color me surprised. While you’re doing that, describe to me how one colors another surprised. I imagine a heady mix of blues and yellows and reds.

Chris Perez is gurgling about being traded and the Indians ownership will likely oblige. Perez may have a rude awakening when a first-division team uses him as a middle reliever.

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With Gomez doing no favors for AVG of late do you like Cain better than him this week?

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

I haven’t looked at all of their match-ups for the week, but I’d expect similar performances in AVG in a vacuum.


2nd week of 5×5 H2H playoffs – should I start Todd Frazier or Alejandro De Aza?  White Sox have 7 games at home all against righties, Reds have 3 at home vs. Pitt and 3 at Miami.  HR’s and SB’s should both be close, and looks like I will have to sub in Uggla for Altuve (who is hurt), so should I put in De Aza over Frazier?

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

Well…you could use De Aza in an attempt to be competitive across the board, or you could double down on HR and benefit from the correlation to other stats.

With that said, Frazier has been in a bit of a slump and the Reds have a crowded roster. He could end up sitting a couple games next week. Although De Aza could too, it’s less likely.