The daily grind: 9-27

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The Fanduel picks are a mixture of Daily League specific advice and information for the more typical fantasy owner.

Today’s grind

The Fanduel Daily League Players of the Day are:

Pitcher (to start): Not much to go on tonight. Patrick Corbin is a solid pitcher and the Giants are coasting toward the playoffs. On the one hand, it’s not an ideal match-up. On the other hand, there isn’t enough time left to wait for a better one.

Wily Peralta has a similar story in that he has solid stuff and he’s facing a clinched team. The downside here is that the Reds are still playing for the right to face the Wild Card team in the division series. It’s another match-up that isn’t great but might be unavoidable.

Pitcher (bum): A fine trio of bums tonight, headlined by Chris Volstad at Coors, followed by Tyler Cloyd against the Nationals, and anchored by Jacob Turner against the Braves.

Hitter (power): It doesn’t get too much better than Tyler Colvin against Volstad. At least not on the waiver wire.

Jonny Gomes will face Matt Harrison.

Hitter (speed): Rajai Davis will look to slap some hits against a hot and cold Ivan Nova and a sketchy Yankees infield defense. Once on base, the fun begins.

Tomorrow’s grind

Pitcher (to start): Usually, this is the time of year where you can find some unusual match-ups and interesting pitchers to role the dice on. Not so much this year.

Homer Bailey is kind of a rich man’s version of Clayton Richard (which did not work out yesterday) in that he’s fairly stable start to start and doesn’t offer much in a fantasy sense. Being a Red with some strikeout ability, he’s more likely to win games and accrue some strikeouts. Tomorrow, he’ll face the Pirates.

A.J. Griffin has been quite good this season. He really came out of nowhere for me and I haven’t had an opportunity to scout him at all. I don’t know what to expect going forward, but given his results to date and his match-up against the Mariners, I’m going to use him.

Pitcher (bum): The Red Sox have had a terrible season. That Aaron Cook will be starting his 18th game is probably a good example as to why that might have happened. He’ll face the Orioles and the dread hurler TBA.

The Royals Will Smith is not very good, but neither is the Indians’ offense. Across the diamond, David Huff is not very good, but neither is the Royals offense. Who will break first?

Hitter (power): Try Salvador Perez against Huff.

Raul Ibanez is back in play against Chad Jenkins. Jenkins most certainly does not have “The Face.”

Tebow or Not Tebow, a Visualization
When it comes to the Mets' famous minor leaguer, it's not just will he get major league time, but should he.

Dust off Delmon Young for a game against Scott Diamond.

You could also try the usual assortment of A’s hitters like Seth Smith and Brandon Moss

Hitter (speed): Will Venable and Ben Revere are fair bets to attempt a steal or two between them.

Reliever watch

Frank Francisco is out for the season. I assume that means Bobby Parnell is back in action.

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Better pick off the waiver wire: Parnell or Rauch.  Is either capable of picking up 2 saves for ROS?

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

Capable? Sure.

I haven’t watched the Mets closely enough to pretend I understand the way they think. I would have been using Parnell as the closer since mid-April whether he struggled with it or excelled. The Mets obviously felt differently.

There’s no reason to expect any kind of role assignment this late in the season. Their save opps could end up being handled by Manny Acosta for all I know.


How do you like Everth Cabrera for speed during the last six? He’s at SF and MIl and facing righties 5 of 6 games.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson

He hurts in the other 4 categories (a lot), but if you’re feeling pretty secure about those he could swipe a couple.