The People in My Neighborhood

It’s a slow news day, so let’s leverage the ShysterBlogosphere for some content:

  • Jason joins the chorus of people who believe that Jeter needs to step up and defend his emotionally-stunted teammate from the attacks of their former boss. I see the point — and apparently so too does Jeter — but it’s gotta be hard for him being in the middle of a dustup between a manager with whom he is close and the New York press. Unless of course he was one of the guys screaming “A-Fraud, in which case I don’t care.
  • The Common Man exhorts everyone (with a specific demand to yours truly) to get on the stick and watch the MLB Network, because there’s good stuff on there. Best selling point: it ain’t football.
  • Jorge Says No! is running down the offseason’s winners and losers, and notes that there is a pretty damn direct positive correlation between how early one signed and how much one got paid.
  • tHeMARksMiTh recalls the time Doug Mientkiewicz decided to keep — or swipe, depending on your point of view — some valuable memorabilia. Scroll down for a nice profile of Carl Hubbell. These posts are a couple of days old. Normally I wouldn’t worry about it — unlike me, Mark has a life — but he lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and in light of what’s been going on down there, it’s not unreasonable to think that he’s sitting frozen like Jack Nicholson at the end of “The Shining” right now. Hope the lights come back on soon, Mark.
  • Ron Rollins, man of the world, has been reading up on baseball in South Korea, and has a list of guys with Major League experience currently plying their trade over there. Roberto Petagine sighting!
  • Fack Youk is down to 10 on their countdown to spring training. Holy Cow! May want to click while you can, however, because it appears that the Fack Youksters may get hauled off to jail sometime soon.
  • Finally, over at Wezen-Ball, Lar profiles Roberto Alomar, extolls the joys of keeping score by hand, and recalls the starting lineup for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team. I don’t need to tell you that that was an awesome episode. If you want to ratchet up the awesome, however, click to its Wikipedia page and read about how difficult Jose Canseco made life for “The Simpsons” production team.

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    My lights are back on, thanks. My electricity was iffy for a few days, so I decided to save the computer electricity. Then, I had to go home (where it was much worse than Lexington) for the weekend and didn’t have time. Then, all the classes that we missed decided to dump all the homework we missed on us anyway, so I’ve spent the past few days reading. Things should get back to normal tonight.

    Thanks for the concern and link, but it’s just been a little hectic around here lately. I think things are back to normal now.

    Wow, I didn’t realize that things were so bad down there in KY. I knew there was a big storm down that-a-way somewhere, but since it didn’t make its way on up to Wisconsin, I kind of ignored it.. We’ve had enough bad weather this winter; it was nice not to have to worry about more. That Simpsons Wikipedia page is pretty fun to read. I’m not sure how much I trust its accuracy, though. Too many people remember “hearing” something about that episode, whose to say only the actual facts made their way onto the page (the citations do… Read more »