THT Fantasy Mailbag

Hey guys,

Since fantasy baseball is a game that can result in a lot of quandaries and queries, we’ve been thinking lately that you might appreciate a place where you could send in your questions and get them answered by fantasy baseball experts. Well, now such a place exists, and it’s called the

Send in your questions, and each week (or so, depending on the volume), they will be answered in a blog post on THT Fantasy Focus. If we’re in-season and you need an urgent response, we’ll also go ahead and send it to you right away, before publication. So go ahead. Wondering what player to keep in your keeper league? Who to take with the first overall pick? How to move from third place to first?

Hit us up at at the
, and we’ll be sure to respond.

And if you have any ideas for further improving THT Fantasy Focus, feel free to share them with me at
. We’re working on making this the best source for fantasy baseball commentary and analysis anywhere on the web, and we’re always open for suggestions that might help us do that.

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