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What do you think is the optimal requirement for positional eligibility, both preseason (the player had to spend a set amount of time at that position last season to have eligibility there for this season) and midseason (if the player spends a predetermined amount of time at a position that is different than his current eligibility, he gains the new position’s eligibility)? Should it be determined by innings played at the position, or games played at the position?



There’s no one right answer to your question but here are some of the things you can consider when making the decision for yourself. I believe there is no real benefit to having really short preseason eligibility requirements. Low requirements mean that some players who don’t really play a certain position like catcher can count there anyway. Most everyone is going to know who those Brandon Inge-type players are, so including them means that you diminish the richness of having different positions in the first place.

So, I would set the requirements fairly high—at least 20 games played at the position the previous year in order to count.

During the season, requirements are slightly different. The fact that there are some players the may have extra value because of their versatility can be nice. Ideally, the requirements will be set such that flukes and windfalls are minimized—one game requirements are just ridiculous. I’d go at least five and maybe 10 appearances.

In a dream world, it would be nice to re-allocate eligibility at least once a year, at perhaps the All-Star break. If a player who had dual eligibility coming into the season hadn’t played enough games at one position by then, he could lose eligibility at that position (until he met the during-season eligibility requirements).

– Jonathan Halket

It looks like both Erik Bedard and Chris Young are slipping going into ’09 Both are definitely not without questions, but in your opinion(s), who do you think is a better bet to contribute to my fantasy team this year? Mostly wondering for standard 5×5 roto and/or H-2-H leagues.


Both Young and Bedard struggled in 2008, but both also have a history of good performance, backed up with good skills. Young has a big red flag with his ground ball percentage, which fell to 21.7 percent last year. He also has had troubles staying healthy. Bedard also has a caution with his poor injury record. On a pure skills and talent comparison, I would give the edge to Bedard. However, Young does play in the NL and in PETCO Park.

Both players look to struggle getting wins. Bedard does have a much improved defense behind him. Given the durability problems with both pitchers, there is a lot of risk involved with either. In cases like this, I generally say to go with the player with better skills, who in this case would be Bedard.

– Victor Wang

I am in a 10-team keeper league that eventually will turn into a dynasy league within the next two years. (Standard head to head format, 5×5) We currently keep 10 players. We draft them the first 10 rounds and the first pick is actually round 11 and this is not going to be a snake draft.

My keepers are Teixeira, Reyes, Morneau, Lee, Phillips, Alexei Ramirez, Volquez, DiceK, Joba, Liriano.

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My problem is what to do with my MI. Obviously Reyes is staying on the team. However, Phillips has been going in mocks around the third or fourth round as the second or third second baseman taken. Ramirez is going only a few picks later in the early-to-mid fourth. And he is consistently the fourth second baseman taken.

My question is this: Which one of my second basemen should I trade? And what should I expect in return?

I was hoping to at least get an 11th-round pick for him (that would be a first-round pick due to keepers). But I don’t appear to be getting any takers. I cannot use them both with two power-hitting first basemen playing 1B and UTIL.


Sounds like you have three options: Trade Ramirez, trade Phillips, or trade one of your first basemen to make room at Util.

Ask yourself how much playing time you think Ramirez is going to get. Phillips projects better for 2009 largely based on his getting more playing time than Ramirez; I’m not familiar enough with his situation to know if this is the case. I’m also leaning toward Phillips because you really have no other speed among your keepers. Is Ellsbury available in your league? He could be a good way to make up those steals, and he’s assured a full-time starting spot on the Red Sox… possibly even at the top of the lineup.

Still, my answer would be to try to trade Morneau or Lee. At this point, I think both are a little overvalued due to their name and past performance. Lee is never going to hit 40 homers again, and might not even see 30 again. Morneau is still looked upon highly due to his Most RBIs Award (er, I mean, MVP award… they wouldn’t give the only major hitting award every year to the guy who happens to have the most RBIs, right?). But, Lee is 35 this year and is in a pretty steep decline phase. See if you can trade him based on his name.

– Michael Lerra

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Craig Birkemeier
Craig Birkemeier
I’m pretty sure Brad meant Carlos Lee since Teixeira and Morneau would be his “two power-hitting first basemen.” I’m also confused as to how Michael could recommend using a middle infielder in your utility spot. Middle infielders should have much more trade value as someone else’s middle infielder than they would as your utility player. For example, using last year’s stats, I have Alexei Ramirez’s value at a middle infield position being 4 times that of his value at the utility spot. In my opinion, Brad should trade Ramirez because I don’t see how people are valuing him as highly… Read more »
Yes, he definitely meant Carlos Lee.  I play in a keeper league with the same rules and actually have the same problem.  I have Rollins, Utley, and Alexei.  If you can’t get good value for him in the offseason, the best bet is to keep him.  You can play him in the OF and occasionally IF when guys have days off.  In that type of league people are easier to trade with after the draft.  Whoever really misses out on MI will be a perfect target.  A “first” round pick for Alexei is AWFUL.  He has much more value than… Read more »
Craig Birkemeier
Craig Birkemeier

Rory, that’s an excellent point. He will command more value after the draft.