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We’ve been cranking on the preseason book here the past few weeks, and it’s shaping up rather well, if I do say so myself. This is in large part David Gassko and Chris Constancio’s baby, so I’ll let them reveal more details as they see fit, but the chapters I’ve had the pleasure of editing from guys like Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing and Larry Borowsky of Viva El Birdos have been great. And fantasy players, if you can hold off for a couple more weeks, we should have some awesome projections for you of both major and minor league players.

Mets Sign Alomar – Man, Julio Franco, Moises Alou, Orlando Hernandez … they’re like Giants East, but good.

New York State of Mind – Cliff Corcoran’s comprehensive breakdown of the Yankees’ roster and Spring Training battles over at Bronx Banter.

Speak of the Devil – Speaking of Giants West, Omar Vizquel, 40 on April 27, wants a two-year extension to his current contract. At some point, the Giants have to develop a hitting prospect, right?

Wool is the New Fugly – MLB caps will henceforth no longer be made of wool, reports USA Today. As someone who is intensely curious about everything MLB related, I love reading about behind the scenes stuff like this, which gives interesting slice-of-life insight into how Major League Baseball works. Hat tip to Bob Timmerman of Baseball Toaster.

Foot in the Door – Friend of THT J.C. Bradbury reports that the A’s are looking for a baseball operations intern with a background in math/stats and light programming. Looks like a great opportunity.

Consensus Picks – Roto Authority with an “average draft position” spreadsheet for fantasy players culled from 10 expert drafts.

Why It’s Important to MySpace – Deadspin reports that there’s a Noah Lowry imposter on MySpace. This is why it’s important to establish your Web 2.0 presence—to beat potential usurpers to the punch.

Minutiae – Dan Fox breaks down some additional rules changes in place for the 2007 season.

Royal Shakeup – Royals revelation Mark Teahen spoke in support of his rumored shift to right field, further indicating that super-prospect Alex Gordon will be up in the majors to start the season.

Today at THT

Finding Cheap Relievers – One of the relatively inexpensive ways a team can help itself is by finding undervalued arms for its bullpen.

The Best Young Third Basemen of 2007Miguel Cabrera, David Wright and Ryan Zimmerman lead this exciting group of young third basemen.

The Value Production Standings: 1976 to 1980 – Free agency starts eating the farm crop.

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