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March Madness has begun, marking the renewal of the sports season. The NCAA tournament carries through to Opening Day, coinciding with Masters Weekend, which means we can officially put to rest the dreary winter season with little in the way of sports action.

Cards OF Heads to DL – Well, most of it anyways. Jim Edmonds and Juan Encarnacion are likely to begin the year on the DL meaning the Cardinals’ starting outfield could possibly consist of Chris Duncan, Preston Wilson and Scott Spiezio. That’s terrifying.

Putz Still Fighting Arm IssuesJ.J. Putz got through his bullpen session just fine, but afterwards experienced some “tightness” in his arm. Putz’s health is vital to the Mariners after the loss of Rafael Soriano.

Igawa Wild Again – Illuminating perhaps the biggest problem facing the Yankees this season, Kei Igawa was wild again in his last start, walking four in three innings. Joe Torre is planning on using Igawa and Carl Pavano in the 4th and 5th rotation spots. Given Kei’s unproveness and Pavano’s proven ability to stay off the mound, the Yankees better have a better backup plan than just Philip Hughes.

The 3-2 – A new pickoff move is challenging the definition of a balk.

Sosa’s Comeback Going (Surprisingly) WellSammy Sosa is hitting over .400 so far in Spring Training with the Rangers and will be added to their 40-man roster.

Lets Get it On! – John Sickels has a prospect smackdown between Jacoby Ellsbury and Felix Pie.

Bowie Kuhn Dead at 80 – Former commissioner Bowie Kuhn died yesterday at the age of 80.

Artful Dodging – Martin Gandy spoke with Braves’ GM John Schuerholz and gets schooled by the master of revealing no information.

Duke the King of Pirate StaffZach Duke will be the Pirates Opening Day starter.

Today at THT

Baseball’s Deepest Starting Rotations – Which teams are best built to withstand the inevitable pitching injuries? Jeff takes a look.

This Annotated Week in Baseball: March 11-17, 1953 – On March 14, 1953 Tim Ireland was born. On March 17 across the world, everyone is “ Irish for the day.” It is therefore hard to imagine a week better suited to creating the All-Ireland team

Five Questions: Cleveland Indians – Can the Indians overcome their Pythagorean handicap in 2007?

Five Questions: Kansas City Royals – Brad points out that the Royals do still have something to look forward to.

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