THT Links: Manic Monday

The week has barely started and I am already behind, giving you an idea of how much I have to do in the three days that I have this week before jetting off to Europe. Onto the links.

It’s Clark! The Canadian Hockey Goalie – This has nothing to do with news or, well, anything really, but I love hockey jokes.

Mark Prior – All I really have to say is Mark Prior and we can all fill in the rest right?

Arbitration Summary (registration required) – Maury Brown of Baseball Prospectus has a summation of all arbitration hearings this past offseason.

Top 20 in Sports – The Sports Business Journal releases their list of the top 20 most influential people in online sports.

The Three Letters Missing from Pavano’s NameCarl Pavano underwent a precautionary MRI on his injured body soul foot. The Yankees say they aren’t concerned, but working my contacts at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that the Yankees have contacted vet Dr. Dean Richardson asking how best to “ease Pavano’s pain.” (Note: that was a joke).

A Few Good Months – Lone Star Ball points out that post-All-Star Break, Gary Matthews Jr. posted a batting line of: .296/.368/.448. Yeah, that looks like a new performance level alright. Good luck on that five-year deal Angels!

Fun Facts: Gil Meche Edition – The always funny Royals Review comes up with five fun facts about Gil Meche. I am so happy that I don’t have to watch this guy pitch anymore.

Must Do Well…Slogan Tells Me SoMike Hargrove and company are handing out new t-shirts with the slogan “Pitch to win” on the front to all Mariner pitchers. According to inside sources, “Pitch to win” narrow edged out “For the love of somebody, please stop sucking so that I don’t get fired in mid-May!”

Nady Still Undergoing TestsXavier Nady will go through more tests, this time doctors are looking for signs of Crohn’s, a chronic condition causing episodic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Jason Schmidt Wants to Win a Title? A fluffy look into why Jason Schmidt chose the Dodgers over other suitors who offered more years and more money.

Gross Production Average and You – Hey look, we got mentioned in the New York Times!

Today at THT

The $103,000,000 Mechanics of Daisuke Matsuzaka – Will Daisuke Matsuzaka continue to show the durability he has exhibited during his early career? Let’s check out the video and come up with some answers….

A Meander Through Hitters’ K Rates – How to take one factoid about strikeouts and end up with an entire article.

Options and Buyouts – Sal takes a look at one-year contracts with team options and finds that maybe – just maybe – teams know what they’re doing.

THT Links represents the best efforts of our editors in scouring the various tubes of the interweb for both relevant and irrelevant news items. If you have happened upon a story that we have overlooked or wish to give feedback of any sort, please notify us at THT Links.

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