THT Links: Not So Super Monday

With most everyone’s attention turned to the NFL this past weekend, we’ve seen very little in the way of baseball content. Many people consider this a dead sports month with the NFL now finished and baseball months away from meaningful games. Well if you are not a fan of basketball hockey or soccer, all of which are still playing, then I suggest you get the jump on your fellow baseball nuts and starting working out those fantasy draft boards in preparation for the slew of fantasy articles that are about to be written.

Run Rockies Run – Dan Fox goes way in-depth on the Rockies baserunning numbers from 2006.

A Little Slice of BABIP – Ryan Armbrust examines the league average BABIP at the collegiate level, and then looks a bit deeper into 2006’s MLB numbers.

A Day in the Life of a Mariner Fan – I’m sure the feeling is shared by fans of several other franchises as well, but Derek Zumsteg posts an excellent piece about the frustrations inherent in rooting for a team with apparently incompetent leadership.

Gleeman Finishes Off Twins Prospects – Aaron Gleeman posts about his top five prospects in the Twins organization. Matt Garza narrowly avoids missing the cut due to eligibility rules. Check the link to find out where he falls on the list.

Get to Know the Reds – JD Arney at Red Reporter is running a prediction contest involving the Reds, so if you’d like to try your chance at a $50 gift certificate to, nows the time to hone up on the Reds and head over to Red Reporter.

Another Thing For Yankee Fans to Gloat About – But cool nonetheless. Sean Forman has a list of all teams from 1901 through 2006, sorted by the number of Hall of Fame players on that team.

MLB Turns to Ghana – On the other side of the world from China, where MLB recently sent a delegation, they have now also moved to Ghana in West Africa. So I wonder, who would be the Freddy Adu of baseball?

Three First Basemen Examined – Marc Normandin at Beyond the Box Score looks at the projections for Mark Teixeira, Mike Jacobs, and Prince Fielder.

Pirates Add More “Talent” – The Pirates added Dan Kolb on a one-year minor-league contract with a $1.25 million payoff if he makes the team out of Spring Training. The Pirates also agreed to terms with reigning NL batting champion Freddy Sanchez on a one-year $2.75 million contract.

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