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Going back to the retro Links today in addition to the Daily mostly because I’m an idiot, and can’t figure out how to use our (expletive deleted) content management system. Anyway, enough of my problems…

Pizza With Jerry – A great clip of the infamous Fenway pizza-throwing incident, complete with Jerry Remy’s analysis and slow motion replay thanks to our friends at Deadspin.

Minor Performances – Marc Hulet from Baseball Analysts runs down some of the top minor league performances of the young season.

FanGraphs – Bradford Doolittle did a great interview with Dan Appleman of FanGraphs, especially when he talks about how the site got started. As a fellow blogger, it’s always great to see someone finally take that leap and try to make it full time. He also posted a good WPA primer at his day job.

Behind Enemy Lines – Ever wonder what would happen if a Boston Globe writer runs the Boston Marathon as a Yankees fan and wrote a column about it? Well, wonder no more.

Free Ryan Garok – This column is one of the better and more reasoned mainstream baseball pieces I’ve read lately. Good on ya, Terry Pluto of the Akron Beacon-Journal.

All Time Team – Eric Simon of Mets Geek attempts to put together the best Mets team of all time, but only using one player per year and only using players in their actual roles on the team.

Jennings OutJason Jennings is hurt and should be out for a few starts, and Crawfish Boxes looks at the impact.

Today at THT

Filling the Mickey Vernon gaps (Part 3) – Steve examines another dozen careers that had unusual valleys amid the peaks.

THT Daily: Patriot’s Day – Despite the rain and the cold, Boston hosts a ballgame and a marathon.

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