THT Links: Return of the Pap

Today’s first link helps to remind us the fans of other spots can be really really involved. We need to get these countries some other sports to root for so that they don’t get some fanatical about just one.

Tragic – Pakistan Cricket coach Bob Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room after the Pakistani Cricket team lost to Ireland in the Cricket World Cup.

Armas Getting Closer to Rotation SpotTony Armas Jr. is getting closer to snagging a rotation spot with the Pirates.

Selig Is Great – At least that’s what the Spots Business Journal thinks as they presented Bud Selig with an Executive of the Year award.

Well, So Much for ThatJonathan Papelbon is headed back to the closer’s role.

MLB and DirectTV Seem to be Bedmates – It sure looks like MLB is determined to shut out millions of potential viewers of their product in order to guarantee the $100 million a year DirectTV will pay them.

Baseball America Previews the AL – Jim Callis of Baseball America has a brief preview of all American League teams.

And the NL – He also has a brief preview of all National League teams.

Whoops Tony – Tony La Russa, allegedly drunk, fell asleep in his car idling at an intersection.

Twins and Morneau Break off Extension TalksJustin Morneau left a 4-year, $30-33 million contract on the table according to sources.

Today at THT

Five Questions: Colorado Rockies – Are the Rockies instituting yet another five-year plan?

Five Questions: Arizona Diamondbacks – Young parts and an older Unit are keys for Arizona

Mirror Mirror – Has MLB become Bizarro World?

This Annotated Week in Baseball History: March 18-24, 1965 – On March 22, 1965 Glenallen Hill was born. Thirty-five years, four months, and two days later, he played his first game for the New York Yankees, beginning a hot streak that has stuck with Richard even to this very day.

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