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Projection Blowout – SG’s annual projection blowout uses baseball simulator Diamond Mind to use different sets of projections to simulate the upcoming season. SG runs 1000 iterations with each projection set, including PECOTA and ZiPS, and then combines them all. Maybe next year it’ll even include the THT system.

McCann Signs Extension – Young Braves catcher Brian McCann signed a six year, $27.8 million contract extension today. McCann has less than two seasons of major league service, which means that the deal, despite running through 2012, buys out only one year of free agency. There is also a $12 million club option on 2013.

This deal seems a bit too much a bit too early for me, as there seems to be little point in guaranteeing so many years at this stage, but the Braves are a well run organization, and it is possible that the goodwill generated by the move will pay off later. Maybe general manager John Schuerholz has fond memories of when Andruw Jones bypassed his agent to sign a below market contract extension.

Berroa Could Lose Job – The Royals have finally realized how much Angel Berroa sucks, and would like to find an alternative. Their targets? The vastly overrated Clint Barmes, or maybe John McDonald. Unless they can get Brandon Wood from the Angels.

All this recalls the words of a wise man:

I’ve often seen these people, these squares, at the table. Short-stacked and long odds against, all their outs gone, one last card in the deck that can help them. I used to wonder how they could let themselves get into such bad shape… and how the hell they thought they could turn it around. Just walking in here makes me queasy. The brick walls. The fucking mopes at the tables. The musty smell. I feel like Buckner walking back into Shea. But what choice do I have?

(Quote courtesy of the invaluable

The Wisdom of Crowds – Tom Tango, one of the giants of baseball sabermetrics, is running a project whereby baseball fans of all stripes project how they think players will fare next season. Then, he combines all the predictions into one big set of projection. Think that all the stupid number crunchers have it out for your favorite team/player? Here’s your chance.

Gordon Makes Bigs – Royals super prospect Alex Gordon has officially won the Royals’ third base job. The writing has been on the wall for a while, but now all you fantasy players who haven’t drafted yet can take a flier on him in the mid to late rounds with peace of mind.

Dice-K Update – David Appleman checks out just how impressive Daisuke Matsuzaka’s five inning, one run start yesterday was.

Solar Power – The Giants will install 590 solar panels on the outside of AT&T Park, with the $1.5 million bill being footed by taxpayers. The panels, which will be connected to the San Francisco power grid, should generate enough power to a “handful of homes.”

Timlin Sidelined – Red Sox reliever Mike Timlin will begin the season on the disabled list. Boston expects him to be ready on April 8.

Today at THT

Five Questions: Los Angeles Dodgers – Sports Illustrated’s Jon Weisman explores the Dodgers’ margin for error.

Five Questions: San Diego Padres – The Padres seek their third straight NL West title.

Top 20 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers – 20 undervalued players … you might even call them sleepers. Tim checks in with his favorite fantasy picks.

Card Corner Plus: Gene Michael and High Intelligence on 1972 Topps
Three smart players devoted their lives to baseball.

Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball (Part 1) – In an excerpt from his new book, Vince looks at how differing teams’ fans respond to winning. This is the first of a three part series.

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