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American Football is winding down, just one final game to hype up and be done with. The projection systems have been trickling in for the past few weeks and now we are starting to see the first few articles dissecting said projections come out. We are not long due for the announcements for fantasy season to start up and see our annual prospect and positional rankings. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. There are questions surrounding every team that the fans can engross themselves in and nobody has yet given up hope on the new season. Many of these people are delusional, and I am proud to consider myself among them. Onward we strive, three weeks until pitchers and catchers and the intense onslaught of mind-numbing fluff pieces from Spring Training.

Gil Meche: Posterchild. For What Exactly is Unknown – Royals Review responds to the latest exchange between Rob and Rany concerning Dayton Moore and the Gil Meche signing. When Gil Meche is the face of your franchise I am not sure what happens, but I think it’s considered a war atrocity.

Opening Offer on Santana Extension: A Small Nation – Twins officials are looking to lock up Johan Santana and Joe Nathan after taking care of their arbitration hearings. Santana is signed through 2008. As much as I would love to see him stay in Minnesota, I am highly curious as to what contract he would receive on the open market.

A Great Season Ahead – Ken Rosenthal takes a look at some storylines heading into the 2007 season including four players poised to crack 500 home runs, Barry Bonds passing Hank Aaron, Tom Glavine notching his 300th win, and more.

Yankees to Play 82 Home Games in 2008 – The Yankees will be hosting the 2008 All-Star Game. Expect ballot stuffing to reach epic heights. Get started now on the write-in campaign for Paul O’Neill.

Comparing Projections for 3 Catchers – Marc Normandin takes a look at Jason Varitek, Gerald Laird, and Josh Bard and how they project for 2007.

In Case You Were Living in a Cave This WeekendTodd Helton might be traded to the Boston Red Sox. This has all the makings of something that will drag on for the next few weeks as most people have nothing else to talk about.

Mauer an Excellent Student at the Bull Durham School of Interviewing
Fluff piece Joe Mauer interview.

Moneyball -1 – Mike Pindelski takes a look back at the first few rounds of the 2001 draft, a year that has turned out well for hitters. Pitchers on the other hand…

In Other News, Sun Rises, Taxes Still DueRoger Clemens is undecided about where, when, and if he will play in 2007. The only real question is whether his annual waffling is more annoying than that of Brett Favre’s. On one hand, Clemens is actually still good and useful to the team he signs with. On the other, Favre actually plays the full season and doesn’t demand a kajillion dollars to do so. Tossup.

So That’s Why Mariner Pitchers Kept Getting Injured – One of the things about being an editor for the links is that you do not have another editor looking over your back so you get things like my initial spelling of Ricciardi in last Friday’s article. In the interest of distracting you from any more of my spelling errors, I direct you here where David Andriesen reports on Felix Hernandez’s exercise routine, though with a bit of a funny typo in the headline. Catch it before the P-I catches up and fixes it!

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